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Now you are at the best Trust Quotes in Urdu page on the internet, when you trust someone and he/she broke your trust you lose your hope, and then you are unable to trust anyone. Here we have some trust quotes which will help you to come out of trauma and know the reality of life.

1. Concentrate your efforts in one location.

Moving across the nation or around the world is a socially acceptable way to break up with somebody and never get close to them. Put down an anchor if you're serious about regaining your sense of trust. At first, this will appear to be incorrect. You'll want to pack your belongings and move across town or around the world but resist the desire. After you've established some roots, you may expand out by getting to know—and trusting—the people in your immediate vicinity.

2. Establish a daily regimen.

Get into a routine once you've arrived at your destination. The same exercise class, the same people at the dog park, the same coffee shop on Sunday mornings. Why? It isn't intended to put you in a rut. It's a proxy: Seeing the same folks is inextricably linked to a routine. The first stage in developing trust is repetition—seeing the same faces again and over.

3. Start small and see what you can come up with.

After you've seen the same faces for a while, it's time to give a bit and see what you get. See what happens if you reveal a little bit about yourself. In most cases, you'll receive a tidbit in return.

4.Make future preparations.

Living through a traumatic experience not only shatters your faith in others, but it also shatters your faith in the future. Trauma pulls a mental trick on you: it makes you feel hopeless—as if your future will be devoid of significance or happiness—which makes you feel as if there is no future at all, which makes you feel as if time is running out. You may believe you'll die young, or you may be unable to imagine ever finding love, establishing a career, or having children. This is referred to as a sensation of a shortened future by trauma experts. This is especially true when horrible things happen on purpose by other people, such as bullying, stalking, or abuse.

5. Have faith in an animal.

Researchers asked 165 pet owners to create a list of life objectives and score their confidence in accomplishing those goals in a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality. One-third of the pet owners had their pets with them during the task, another third was asked to write a brief description of their pet and their relationship with it before the task in order to bring their pet to mind, and the final third completed the task while their pet was in another room.

The study discovered that pet owners who had their pets with them or thought about them had much more life goals and were significantly more confident in their ability to achieve them.

6. Be dependable.

You can notice trustworthy behavior in others if you recognize it in yourself. As a result, mentor or assist someone else. Make sure you follow through on your commitments. Maintain your word. Assist someone who is in need. When another person has faith in you, it reminds you that you, too, can have faith.

7. Be on the lookout for dependable behavior.

People with an intact level of trust can more easily spot caring, trustworthy behavior than those whose trust has been broken. So if trusting doesn’t come naturally to you, you may have to look for it consciously. Trustworthy behavior probably happens more often you think, but much like birdwatching or celebrity-spotting, you have to train yourself to see it.

Trust Quotes In urdu

 trust quotes in Urdu English


Duniya ka Sub sai Khoobsorat Pouda Yaqeen ka Hota hay

Jo Zameen pr Nahi Dilon Main Ughta hay

دنیا کا سب سے خوبصورت پودا یقین کا ہوتا ہے

جو زمین پر نہیں دلوں میں اُگتا ہے




Trust Quotes In urdu

trust quotes in urdu sms 

Jahaan Yaqeen hoo wahaan Shak Naahi kia kartay

جہاں یقین ہو وہاں شک نہیں کیا کرتے






Trust Quotes In urdu

broken trust quotes in Urdu 


Sub Kuch Jante Howay Bhe Dil Manta Nah Tha

Ham Jane eitbar Kai Kis Marhale Main Thai.



Trust Quotes In urdu

 love trust quotes in urdu 

 عیجب بات ہے اب بھی یقین نہیں مجھ پہ؟

تمہارے نام پہ خود کو اُجاڑ بیٹھے ہیں 


 ajeeb bat hai ab bhi yaqeen nahi mugh pay?

Tumhary nam pay khud ko ujar bethy hain.  

Trust Quotes In urdu

sad trust quotes in urdu 


 سُنا ہے تم محبت نہیں کرتے

یقین مانوکمال کرتے ہو 


 suna hai tum muhabbat nahi karty

Yaqeen mano kamal karty ho 


Trust Quotes In urdu
break trust quotes in urdu 


Trust Quotes In urdu

Self respect trust quotes in urdu 

 اُسے اتنا کہنا بدل گئے ہو تو لوٹ کے نہ آنا

ہم بھی بدلنے والے موسموں پہ یقین نہیں کرتے 



 usy itna kehna badal gaye ho to laut kay na ana

Hum bhi badalny waly mosmon pay yaqeen nahi karty 

Because you're holding on to prior pain, you're afraid of becoming close to people.

I understand. You've been around for a long time, and you've had people take advantage of your trust in the past.

Perhaps a lover betrayed you or abandoned you unexpectedly. Perhaps a coworker took advantage of you. Perhaps someone who you thought would never hurt you crushed your heart.

Life is unpredictable. People can be rude at times. It's a pain.

However, just because something traumatic occurred in your past does not mean that those individuals or events are permitted to occupy valuable real estate in your life today.

The only thing left to do after a period of self-reflection, emotional processing, and forgiveness is to pick up your socks and march forward.

You are afraid of becoming close to others because you are unsure of your ability to deal with chaos.

Any persistent fear, worry, or aversion to life has a strong link to your self-perceived inability to deal with the unknown approaching catastrophe. To put it another way, if you don't believe you're capable of handling life, life will scare you.

In contrast, if you believe in your abilities to handle any situation, you will have no cause to be afraid of other people.

This level of confidence and self-esteem stems from having been in the trenches of life, having been tested, and emerging victorious. At the very least, they'll be wounded, damaged, and wiser. 



Trust Quotes In urdu

trust mushkil waqt quotes in urdu 

  ہمیں اپنی محبت پہ اتنا یقین تو ہے

وہ مجھے چھوڑ تو سکتا ہے مگر بھلا نہیں سکتا 


 hamey apni muhabbat pay itna yaqeen to hai

Wo mughe chor to sakta hai magar bhula nahi sakta 



Trust Quotes In urdu

trust broken quotes in urdu 

 مجھے زندگی کی دعا نہ دے میری زندگی سے بنی نہیں

کوئی زندگی پے کرائے یقین مجھے زندگی پے یقین نہیں 



 mughe zindagi ki dua na day meri zindagi say bani nahi

Koi zindagi pay karaye yaqeen mughe zindagi pay yaqeen nahi 






 وجود کی بساط پر بڑی عجیب مات تھی 

یقین لٹا کے چل پڑے، گماں بچا کے رکھ لیا 



 wajood ki basat par bari ajeeb maat the 

Yaqeen luta kay chal pary, guman bacha kay rakh liya 



Trust Quotes In urdu

best Trust Quotes In Urdu


 تو بدل گیا ہے تسلیم کر

میں بھی بدلوں گا یقین کر 



 tu badal gaya hai tasleem kar


Main bhi badlon ga yaqeen kar 

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Trust Quotes In urdu

trust relationship quotes in Urdu  

  کسی کو یہ احساس نہ ہونے دیں کہ آپ ان پر مرتے ہیں

ورنہ یقین رکھیں آپ پل پل مریں گے 


 kisi ko ye ahsas na hony den kay ap un par marty hain


Werna yaqeen rakhen ap pal pal maren gay 



Trust Quotes In urdu

trust issues quotes in urdu 


 نہیں فرصت یقین مانو ہمیں کچھ اور کرنے کی

تیری باتیں، تیری یادیں، بہت مصروف رکھتی ہیں 



 nahi fursat yaqeen mano hamey kuch aur karny ki


Teri baten, teri yaaden, bohat masrof rakhti hain 




شک رواں کی نہر ہے اور ہم ہیں دوستوں

اُس بے وفا کا شہر ہے اور ہم ہیں دوستوں

منیر نیازی


Shak Rawan Ki Neher Hai Aur Hum Hain Dostoo

Us Be Wafa Ka Shehar Hai Aur Hum Hain Dostoo۔






لفظِ وفا سے اب وہ تاثر نا کر قبول

اِس عام فہم لفظ کے معنی بدل گئے


Lafz Wafa Se Ab Woh Tasir Na Kar Qabool,

Is Aam Fehem Lafz Ke Maani Badal Gaye.





نہیں شکوہ مجھے کچھ بے وفائی کا تیری ہرگز

گلا تب ہو اگر تو نے کسی سے نبھائی ہو

خواجہ میر درد



Nahi Shikwa Mujhe Kuch Be-wafai Ka Teri Hargiz

Gila Tab Ho Agar Tu Ne Kisi Se Bhi Nibhi Ho۔






فرض کرو میں کھو جاؤں

یقین دلاؤں کہ ڈھونڈو گے


Farz Karo Main Kho Jaaun

Yaqeen Dilao Kay Dhundo Gay






Jaan Dene Ki Baatein Hoti Hai Yaha(Tere Liye Jaan Bhi Hajir Hai..!!

Yaqeen Mano Dua Tak Nahi Dete Log







Iss dunya mein

Tum he sab sey haseen ho

Mein aur kahon jhot kitna

Khe tum ko Yaqeen ho





Yaqeen Nahi To Eesa Nabi se Pooch Le Tu


Qaza Bhi Aaye to Foran ye Taal Deta Hai


Ali (a.s) Wali ko Musibat Me Tu Bula To Sahi


Ye Mushkilon Ka Janaza Nikal Deta Hai







dosti ke andar agar eitabar khatam ho jaye to wo dosti kisi kaam ke nahi.





Samjhaa Lo Apnay Dil Koh Pyaar Na Karay

Mere Fitrat Hay Bewafai Izhar Na Karay

Hamsay Paogay Dhoka Tum Yaad Rekhna

Pehlay Hei Kahtay Hay Koi Hamara eitbaar Na Karay










ہمیشہ اپنے رب سے پر امید رہنا کیونکہ اس پوری کائنات میں جتنی جلدی رب راضی ہوتا ہے اتنی جلدی کوئی راضی نہیں ہوتا

Hamesha apnay rab say pur umeed rehna kyun kay is pori Qainaat main jitni jaldi rab raazi hota hay itni jaldi koi raazi nahi hota






کچھ لوگوں کو صرف معاف کیا جاسکتا ہے پھر نہ ہی ان پر اعتبار کیا جا سکتا ہے نہ ہی دل صاف کیا جاسکتا ہے

kuch logon ko sirf maaf kya ja sakta hai phir nah hi un par aitbaar kya ja sakta hai nah hi dil saaf kya ja sakta hai






کسی شخص کا آپ پر اعتماد کرنا آپ کے لیے باعث فخر ہے اور آپ پر جب کوئی اعتماد کرے تو کوشش کرے کے اس کا ماں رکھیں

kisi shakhs ka aap par aetmaad karna aap ke liye baais fakhr hai aur aap par jab koi aetmaad kere to koshish kere ke is ka maa rakhen







زندگی میں ہر موقع کا فائدہ اٹھائیں مگر کسی کے بھروسے کا نہیں

Zindagi mein har mauqa ka faida athayin magar kisi ke bharoosay ka nahi




سچی محبت کا پہلا قدم ایک دوسرے پر اعتبار کرنا ہوتا ہے

Sachhi mohabbat ka pehla qadam aik dosray par aitbaar karna hota hai





Trust Quotes In urdu


میں اگر کہہ دی دوں چلے جاؤ

تم میرا اعتبار مت کرنا

Mein agar keh di dun chalay jao

Tum mera aitbaar mat karna




Trust Quotes In urdu


اعتبار توڑنے والے کے لیے یہی سزا کافی ہے کہ

اس کو زندگی بھر کے لئے خاموشی تحفے میں دے دی جائے



Aitbaar tornay walay ke liye yahi saza kaafi hai ke

Is ko zindagi bhar ke liye khamoshi tohfay mein day di jaye






There are times in life when you feel demotivated; at those times, you need motivation, and reading quotes about trust can help you encourage yourself and rediscover your faith in life. For that reason, we have compiled the Best and Most Unique Collection of Urdu Quotes About Trust. We've supplied these quotes in Urdu because it's our national language, and it's much easier to grasp things written in your own tongue.




Jeny ki khawhish mein har roz marty hain wo aye ya na aye hum intazar karty hain jhuta hi sahi mery yar ka wada hai hum sach maan ker etbar karty hain



Mat keya ker itny gunah tuba ki aas per Ay ibn e adam Be itbar c moat hai na jany kab Aa jaye


Peyar usy karo ju tum sey peyar kary Khud sey bhi zayada tum per itbaar ker k tum bas aik baar kahu k ruko du pal aur wo in du palun ke leye pori zindagi intazar kary


Mat khul meri purani kitaab ku ay dost Har us shakhs ney mera dil dukhaya hai jis per mujhy itbaar tha







trust poetry Urdu


Rafaqaton Ke Nai Khawab  Khushnuma Hain Magar

Guzar Chuka Hai Teri Aitbaar Ka Mausam

رفاقتوں کے نئے خواب خوش نما ہیں مگر

گزر چکا ہے ترے اعتبار کا موسم




Trust Quotes In urdu



Tu Ne Kasam Mai-Kashi Ki Khaayi Hai ‘Ghalib’

Teri Kasam Ka Kuch Aitbaar Nahi Hai

تو نے قسم مے کشی کی کھائی ہے غالبؔ

تیری قسم کا کچھ اعتبار نہیں ہے




Trust Quotes In urdu


Aitbaar-e-Ishq Ki Khana-Kharabi Dekhna

Ghair Ne Ki Aaah Lekin Wo Khafa Mujh Per Hua

اعتبار عشق کی خانہ خرابی دیکھنا

غیر نے کی آہ لیکن وہ خفا مجھ پر ہوا






Maine Dil Diya Pyar Ki Hadh Thi

Jaan Dee Aitbaar Ki Hadh Thi,

Mar Gaye Hum Khul Rahi Aankhen

Yeh Mere Intezar Ki Hadh Thi









Mujhe Toh Is Purre Jaha’n Mein Tumse Mohabbat Hai,

Ya Toh Mera Imtihan Le Lo Ya Mera Aitbaar Karlo





Rishton Ka Aitbaar, Wafaon Ka Intezar,

Hum Bhi Chiraag Le Ke, Hawaon Mein Aayein Hain






Hum Se Khush Amad Kisi Ki Na Ho Saki,

Iss Aetbaar Se Mashoor Badtameez Hain Hum





Trust Quotes In urdu



Maana ke har shakhs faraib nahi deta magar ab

Aitbaar karna humay zaib nahi deta



Trust Quotes In urdu


Ab ke jab janana tum ko hai sabhi par aitbaar

Ab tumhe janana mujh par aaya to kya







Waqt eitmad Or Izzat aisy Parinde Hain

Joh Urr Jayin Toh Wapis Nahe Atay.


وقت، اعتماد اور عزت ایسے پرندے ہیں

جو اُڑ جائیں تو واپس نہیں آتے






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