100 Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu - Ramzan Quotes and Poetry in Urdu

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021 - Ramzan Quotes and Poetry in Urdu

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021Poetry about Ramzan in Urdu 2021 fresh Ramadan poetry for Muslims around the world top class Ramzan poetry - make your Ramzan better with us by reading this poetry. 

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RAMADHAN known as Ramzan is a month when we can clean and purify our soul and get level closer to our Creator.
The rewards of every good deed multiplied many times.
“Indeed, those who practice charity have loaned Allah SWT a goodly loan; it will be multiplied for them and they will have a noble reward”
- Holy Qur’an (57:18)

Ramadan 2021

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

hata kar zulf chehere say na chat par shaam ko anaa
kahi koi eid na karlay abhi ramzan baki hai.

fresh poetry about the event Ramzan

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

tumhare wasil ka jis din koi imqan hota hai
mai us din roza rakhta hoon burai chor deta hoon

fasting poetry in Urdu 

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
Ramzan poetry new in Urdu

kahin rozay pay rozay sirf pani pee kay khultay hain
kahi bas naam pay rozon kay aftari ke batain hain. 

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
ramzan new 

tere sabr ke bhe koi misal nahi
labon par pyas ke shidat aur hatho main wazoo ka pani

fresh Ramzan poetry 2021

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
Ramzan poetry hd pics

bakshish bhe, maghfirat bhe, jahanum say nijat bhe
dast talab barhaso kay ramzan agaya.

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
Ramzan poetry new 

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

kholo jo tere dedar say
kash koi roza eisa bhe ho.

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

ishq or muhabbat ke baton ko chooro
ramzan hai chalo khuda ko mananay chalte hain. 

Ramzan poetry english writing

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
sehri karli, chai pee li
tere yaad ke bhoook hai baki 

Ramzan poetry copy paste

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
aoo kay tum ko dekh kay aftar kar lain hum
mudat howy hai ankh ka roza rakhe howay.

Ramzan poetry text 

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

2 lines Ramzan poetry

waqth ay aftar jo honto se lagay
us pani say zyada aziz ho tum

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

pechlay ramzan jisy tahjud may manga tha
is ramzan usay bhoolne ke dua mangi hai

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

saal bhar joh bhook chupata raha logon say
aaj woh fakhar say bhoole ga rooza hai mera 

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
meray pehlay rozay ke dua hoo tum

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

kya hamare nimaz kya rooza 
baksh denay kay soo bhanay hain

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
ramzan poetry urdu lines
tere hath say jo rakhoon tere haath say joh kholon
mukhtasar se eik khwaish kay eik eisa bhe roza hoon.

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021
2 line ramzan poetry 

hain nimzain sabhi pori mere
farz insaniyat qazah howa hai.

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu
English Ramzan poetry Instagram

Ayy Allah mujhe ramzann ul mubarak ke lie salamat rakh
 aur ramzan ul mubarak ko mere lie rehmat banaa.

ramzan poetry
ramzan poetry

پھر سے خوشیوں کا پیغام آرہا ہے 
مبارک ہو رمضان آ رہا ہے 

Phir say khusion ka pegham arha hai
mubarak ho dosto ramzan arha hai

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Haar jayege yeah garmi bhe
rozay daro kay eman kay agay.

Ramzan poetry video on youtube

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu
Ramzan poetry in english

رمضان المبارک
تیری رحمتوں پہ ہے منحصر
میرے ہر عمل کی قبولیت
نہ مجھے سالیقہء التجا
نہ مجھے شعور نماز ہے۔  

Asman Pay Naya Chand Hay Aya
Sara alam Khushi Say Jagmagaya

Horahi Hay Saher-O-Aftar Ke Tayari
Sajh Rahi Hay DUA'ON Ke Sawari

Pooray Hoon App Kay Her Dil Ki Armaan
Mubarak Ho Ap Ko Pyaara Ramzan

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Zindagi ko ramzan jesa bana do
to mout eid jese hogi

poetry on Roza in Urdu

Ramzan Love poetry for wife

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

اٹھ جاؤ شونا روزہ رکھ لو
کاش کوئی ہمیں بھی اسے اٹھاتا

Uth jao shoona Roza rakh lo 
Kaash koi Hamein bhe asay uthata

Ramzan love poetry 

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

‏یوں تو مجھ کو کتنے خط موصول ہوئے
‏اک دو ایسے تھے جو دل سے کھولے ہیں

‏یہ میرا پہلا رمضان تھا اُس کے بغیر
‏مت پوچھو کس منہ سے روزے کھولے ہیں

تہذیب حافی

Best Ramzan Poetry in Urdu 2021

‏آپ کی رحمت سے ہی امیدِ کرم ہے ورنہ
ایسا مجرم ہوں کہ کہتے بھی حیا آتی ہے
اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آل سيدنا محمد وبارك وسلم 

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

phir se aya hai ramzan 
 le kar aya hai ye khusyon ka pegham

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu
joh howa na ham se akhiri ramzan
ya rab wo pora kar le is ramzan

جو  ہوا نہ ہم سے آخری رمضان
یا رب وہ پورا کر لے اس رمضان 

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

نہ اٹھایا پورے زندگی جو قرآن 
آج اٹھا لو قرآن بار بار  

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

jis maah ko karna hai gunaho se ijtinab 
yaro wo maah hai mah-e-ramzan

 kar le khud ko gunaho se pak
ALLAH kare aye ramzan ham par bar bar

funny poetry about Ramzan 

just for fun don't take it seriously share with your friends to make them happy.

پہلے سوچا کے رمضان میں فیسبک چھوڑ دوں
پھر خیال آیا سب بولیں گے
شیطان قید ہو گیا ہے

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Bezubanon Ko Jub Woh Zaban Deta Hay
Parhne Ko Phir Woh Quraan Deta Hay
Bakhshnay Pay Aye Jab Ummat Kay Gunahoon Ko to
Tohfay May Gunahgaron Ko Ramzan Deta Hay

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Aaya Tha Bankar Jo Mehmaan Jagmaga Utha Jisse Ye Pura Jahan Chale Jane Se Tere Ho Jayegi Ab Fir Se Masjide Weeran Alvida Alvida Mahe-ramzan

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu

Tere Aanay Say Dil Khush Hua Tha
Aur Zauq E Ibadat Barha Tha
Ah! Aab Dil Pay Hay Ghum Ka Ghalba
Alvida Alvida Mahe Ramzan Alvida

Ramzan Poetry in Urdu
تیرے آنے سے دل خوش ہوا تھا
اور ذوق عبادت بڑھا تھا
آہ! اب دل پہ ہے غم کا غلبہ
الوادع الوادع ماہ رمضان

Roza Shayari in Urdu
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When will Ramzan begin in Pakistan? 

Ramazan in Pakistan will start on April 14: Fawad Chaudhry
Pakistanis will break their first fast on April 14, minister for technological Fawad Chaudhry said.

in a tweet on Saturday, he stated that the moon of Ramazan can be sighted on April 13. “the moon will be honestly sighted in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi.”

may also this Ramazan be an afternoon of mercy and blessings for all, he added.

in advance this week, the Pakistan meteorological department anticipated that the Ramazan moon could be sighted on Tuesday, April 13. the sky on the day can be clean with few clouds making it easier to sight the moon.

the ruet-e-hilaal committee will, alternatively, meet on April thirteen for the sighting of the moon.

on March 30, newbie meteorologist Jawad Memon said that Karachi may be experiencing two heatwaves in the course of the holy month.

talking on Samaa television’s morning show Naya din, said that an excessive-strain system from Oman can be the purpose for the recent weather. “a slight to the robust system is may take the climate up to 43 degrees,” he stated. “the conditions are generally warm in Karachi within the months of April and might.”

he went on to say that the peak of the heatwave may be from April 1 till April 3 and there might be severe heat in numerous elements of the metropolis.

benefits of fasting at Ramzan Mubarak

fasting can restore your immune machine during the holy month of Ramadan, stated uae dieticians. but, in case a man or woman is tested superb for covid-19, it is rather encouraged they damage their fast to keep away from health complications.

"the covid-19 virus has infected hundreds of thousands of humans around the world and killed heaps, especially people with immunodeficiency. retaining true hygiene and a sturdy immune machine are taken into consideration effective preventive measures to combat the virus. current exercising education and proper vitamins are the most crucial elements to support the immune function," said Sushma bag, a dietician at aster health facility monkhood.

dr haris chundiyan moochi, a well-known practitioner, aster health center, Abu shagarah, said: "the covid-19 vaccine may be taken even as fasting because it will now not spoil the fast because it's been given intramuscularly."

however, if one develops a fever or some other signs and symptoms after vaccination during the time of fasting, they should break the quick and immediately seek advice from a physician and get the considered necessary interest and remedy.

"it's miles higher to live far away from watching fasting whilst you are detected wonderful for covid-19 and symptomatic because the affected person would possibly want to take medicines for treating their signs. if one is asymptomatic covid-19 positive, they can preserve to have a look at fasting," delivered dr moochi.

"there have been many studies on the impact of Ramadan fasting at the immune system, which have shown that fasting can repair the immune machine," defined Sushma. "the immune system within the human body is an agency together with cells and molecules that play a role in defending in opposition to infections," she brought. fasting for at least 3 days allows the frame to start producing new white blood cells, which rejuvenates the immune machine to fight infections.

studies have shown masses of benefits to fasting, mainly that intermittent fasting has been on the top list of maximum commonplace and observed dietary styles, stated danya al atrash, a medical dietitian at burjeel sanatorium for superior surgical procedure, dubai. "the difference is that during ramadan, people abstain from eating water and meals from dusk to dawn for a duration of 30 days. while seized properly, ramadan is a first-rate time to kick begin your health desires and to improve your dietary behavior," she explained.

"considering the covid-19 pandemic we need to maintain our immune machine robust throughout fasting. so, ensuring sufficient calories for the duration of the authorized eating hours may be very critical. we have to encompass sufficient macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), and micronutrients ((nutrition c, iron, zinc, and many others.)," said Danya.

hints for a healthful Ramadan

1. consume a good enough amount of lean protein for satiety and maintaining muscle groups

2. devour a selection of food, including masses of different colored greens, culmination, pulses, and legumes.

three. top off on fiber for true digestion.

four. restrict the intake of desserts and choose fruits or healthy dessert picks

5. exercising often and select the timing that suits your fitness desires and power ranges

6. we should encompass a well-balanced distribution of macronutrients.


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