Father Poetry Quotes Urdu | Mother Quotes Poetry in Urdu

Amazing father and mother quotes and poetry in Urdu mother and father are the biggest blessings from Almighty Allah if you love your mother and father then this post is for you.

why dad and mom are so important?

mom and dad are so important because they are the backbone of our families, mother and father will always support you in any situation, they are helping you and always want you to be a successful person in your life. They take the whole burden of your life and also deal with the problems you face. 

We need to make proud our parents and make their wishes full fill, we have to take care of them even they are too old and we are independent because they make you whatever you are.

Some bad people in the world sent their precious mother and father to the old house which is made for old people who don't have siblings.

  • Agar apke maa baap zinda hay to ap dunia ke sab say ameer admi hay.
  • Maa baap ke beghir ghar ghar nahi rehta balke khandar bam jata hay.
  • zindagi ka dosra naam maa baap hay.
  • baap wo wahid makloq hay jo apne olad ku khud say zyada kamyab dikhna chahta hay.
  • beshak maa baap rab ke taraf say aik bohat badha ehsan hay.
  • maa ke qadmo tali jannat hay.



Maan baap k alawa koi wafadar nahi.

رہتے ہیں میرے ساتھ فرشتے دعاؤں میں

میں خوش نصیب ہوں میری ماں حیات ہے۔۔"❤️🥰


وہ کہنے لگے ماں کے قدموں تلے 

جنت ہوتی ہے

باپ کے قدموں میں کیا ہوتا ہے 

تو میں نے کہا کہ ؟

باپ کے قدمو میں ایک پھٹا ہوا جوتا ہوتا ہے 

جو اپنی اولاد کی خاطر رزق حلال كماتے ہوۓ 

گهس جاتا ہے

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