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Chai Poetry Urdu (Tea Poetry) Text Tea lovers - Chaye Poetry And Quotes

Chaye, Tea Poetry in Urdu for chai lovers 

What is chai?

Chai is one of the most drinkable drinks in Asia. People in Pakistan drink a lot of tea in their daily life.

Chai lovers look for chai poetry to send and share with their family members or friends who love chai.

Chai Poetry Urdu

While drinking chai If you read this poetry you will enjoy it even more.

If you like this poetry then we hope you will like other poetry on our blog so after reading this you can check other poetry on chai, friends, bewafai, love, etc.

Some people like green tea some people like black tea so both of the types of tea lovers can enjoy this poetry. 

.وہ بھی کیا جیتے ہیں جو چائے نہیں پیتے ہیں

Zindagi kuch is tarah jeene chahhiyee,

baat bigrre yya banyy bass chai peene chahiyee.

صبح صبح چائے نہ ملے تو ایسا لگتا ہے
جیسے بندہ سسرال جائے اور منگیتر نہ ملے.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

آنکھیں مجنوں ہوں تو 

.چائے بھی لیلیٰ لگتی ہے

Aankh majnoon ho to

chaye be Laila laghte hai.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

تمہارے یاد میں ڈوب کے اکثر 

.مجھے چائے پینی پڑھتی ہے

Tumhare yaad me dhoob ke aksaar 

mujhe chaii pene padhti hai.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

ہوش کھو بیٹھا ہوں 

.یارو ہاتھ میں چائے لے بیٹھا ہوں

Hosh khoo behta hoon

yaroon hath me chai le behtaa hoon. 

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Ye teek hai ke tum mujhe jan se pyare ho

magar ye kab kaha main ne ke tum chai se pyare ho.

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Chai Poetry in Urdu

عشق روگ ہے دلداروں کا

.اور چائے علاج ہے ایسے بیماروں کا

Ishq roog hai dil daron ka 

or chai elaj hain esse bemaro ka.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

زمانہ کہتا ہیں  بڑی دلکش ہیں آنکھیں میری 

.انہیں کیا معلوم بسا ہیں اس میں نشہ چائے کا

Zamana kehta hain barri dil kash hain ankheen mere

inhen kya maloom basa hain is main nasha chai ka.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

چائے میں ڈال کے تیز پتی 

.تیرے لہجے کی کڑواہٹ محسوس کرتے ہیں

Chai main daal ke taizz patti

tere lehje ke qarwahat mehsoos karte hain.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

سب ہی سوالوں کا جواب لایا ہوں 

.اہل غم بیٹھو میں چائے لیا ہوں

 Sabb He sawaloon ka jawab laya hoon.

Ahil-e-gham main chai le aya hoon.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai poetry text sms

لوگ کہتے ہیں چائے میں رکھا کیا ہیں 

.میں پوچھتا ہو چائے کے علاوہ زندگی کیا ہیں 

Loog kehte hain chai main kya rkha hain

main pochta ho chai kay elawaa zindagi kya hain. 

Urdu poetry and quotes:

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Tea chai poetry in Urdu 

Hum faqeeron ke tabiyat bhe ghani hoti hain.

beth jate hain jahaan wahaan chai bani hote hain.

Hum ne mashroob sabhi mazr sehat tarak kiye 

ek chodi na gayi humse ye saali chai.


Chai ka pocha hain aik haseena ne

iska matlb marte hain mujh pay.

Tea/Chai quotes in English

  1. Life can be likened to tea; if you don't think it's good enough, attempt to improve it. If it's good, try to improve it; if it's better, attempt to build the best one; and if it's the best, just hold on to it.
  2. Morning tea, like motivational talks, should be strong enough to get the day started on a positive note.
  3. We time with tea time when we have a cup of tea with friends.
  4. Handling me is as simple as making a cup of tea.
  5. Emotions are similar to tea. You never know how strong something is unless you try it.
  6. A cup of tea before night can help you relax.
  7. Relationships are like tea; as the situation and pressure change, the color changes.
  8. A robust black tea is served with positivity.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chaye poetry 

Ye jo aaj dard uth raha hai na mere sar main.

ye maang raha hai mujhse tere hath ke chai.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai quotes urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Tea quotes 

Uske maiz pay hum choor aye

jalta cigrate thandi chai haye haye.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Tea poetry and quotes

‏تیرے پیار میں ھوش  گنوا بیٹھی ہوں

.چائے بناتے ھوئے ہاتھ جلا  بیٹھی ہوں

Tea is one of the most enduring beverages in human history. According to Chinese folklore, humanity began drinking it as early as 2737 BCE, and it has since been the drink of choice for emperors, queens, nobles, and, of course, ordinary people.

Tea aficionados take their brew very seriously, which should come as no surprise. Whether you want to give the tea connoisseur in your life some new flavors to try, some gorgeous service ware, or an out-of-the-box homage to their favorite drink, we've found the ideal present for them. 

Hame qabool hain rooz ka sir dard be 

jab muyasir ho tere hath ke bani chai.

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Chai Poetry in Urdu

Mere chai se aik ghoont us ne liya

phir badalta gaya chai ka zaiqa.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Shaam ke chai unke sath piyun

ye aik hasrat bohat purani hai.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

October ke raat 

thandi hawaa 


grama chai kash kuch essa ho jaye.

Tea lovers Quotes 

  • A decent cup of tea in the morning will brighten your day. 
  • Tea without sugar equates to a life devoid of love.
  • A cup of tea may make or break a situation.
  • With your tea, mix in some positivity and hard effort. It will have the flavor of success.
  • The relationship between cookies and tea is similar to the relationship between happiness and life; just as tea without cookies is incomplete, life without happiness is never complete.
  • A cup of tea may aid in the transformation of your personality.
  • Life is analogous to a cup of tea. It is determined by the substances used in its preparation.
  • You can never go wrong with a cup of tea.
  • Life is like tea; it comes in a variety of flavors and states.
  • Tea and life, if handled properly, will not cause any harm.
  • Our minds are opened by tea, and our eyes are opened by love.
  • Everything began with a cup of tea and concluded with one as well.

The best feeling in the world is getting free tea. 

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Sharab to esse he badname hain

asal mza to chai me hai.

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

For some people, tea is never complete without the perfect amount of milk and sugar. That is the balance we must always maintain in order to keep our lives moving forward.
A person's sense of humour is what distinguishes him. The sense of the tea leaves utilised is what characterises a wonderful tea.
A beautiful cup of tea is always a must-have in the morning. It doesn't just provide us with energy for the day. It detects our presence through the perfect balancing of flavours and quality.
If tea drinking is an addiction, I'm willing to die for it. And if there's any way to save me, I swear I'll double down on my addiction.
Ram wondered aloud what the difference was between tea and black coffee. Puspa guffawed, "It's the same as handloom and cotton."

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Chai Poetry in Urdu

Quotes about tea English

Make a cup of tea when life gets cold and dreary. The consolation you require comes from the warmth of the hot cup in your cold palms. Take a sip and take in the scenery.
Tea should be taken with a dash of imagination. — Tea Lover's Status —-
A cup of tea can bring two strangers together as friends, as each sip is a memory.
Tea is the best antidote to any disaster or perplexity that the day may offer.
A beautiful cup of tea might help you recover from a rough day.
It's not about who made your drink taste the finest at the tea ceremony. It's all about sipping your way to clearer thinking and seeing things more clearly. It's all about finding balance and purity.

Chai Poetry in Urdu




Chaye Quotes in Urdu

  1. Mehboob ke beghir to reh skhta hoon Magar chai ke Bina Jeena mushkil hai.
  2. Chai ke har ghoont pe hum ne tum ko yaad kiya.
  3. Chai ka lover ho shadi be use se karonga jisko chai banana ati hoon.
  4. Zindagi me sab kuch kar skhta hoon magar chai ke sath bewafai nahi kar skhta.
  5. Mere rago me chai ke jagan khoon behta hain.
  6. Chai wo wahid cheez hain jise har mazhab or mulk ke loog pyar se peete hain.
  7. Din me 10 cup chai peene wale log kabhi bewafai nahi karte.
  8. Tere ishq ke inteha chahta hoon mere sadgi dekh aik cup chai chahta hoon.

Urdu poetry video on chai 

Here we found a video on youtube for chaye lovers. Very unique poetry on chai that will make you love and feel happy. 

Tea meaning in Urdu?

Tea is called chai or chaye in Urdu.


Types of tea?

White, Green, Oolong, Black, and Pu'erh (pronounced poo-ERR).

Emotional Chai Shayari in Urdu 2021 – چائے شاعری

اُس کا حق ھے _ ھمیشہ اُسی کا رھے گا

محبت چائے نہیں _ جو سب کو پلا دی جائے


امُور دل میں کسی تیسرے کا دخل نہیں

یہاں فقط تیری چلتی ھے یا چائے  کی


میں یہی سوچ رہا تھا کہ! اجازت چاہوں

اس نے پھر اپنے ملازم سے منگا لی *چائے*


گاؤں کے خالص گُڑ” جیسی  

  وہ میٹھی محبت سی لڑکی


ہرگھونٹ کو تیرے ہجر نے کڑواھٹ دی

راس آیا نا ہمیں ساتھ میں چائے پینا


یہ ٹھیک ہے کے تم مجھے جان سے پیارے ہو 

.مگر یہ کب کہا میں نے کے تم چائے سے پیارے ہو


yeh teek hay kay tum mujh say jan say pyarai hoo

magar yeh kab kaha main nay kay tum chai say pyare hoon

  • When life gets cold and dreary, make a cup of tea. The warmth of the hot cup in your cold palms provides the comfort you seek. Take a sip and enjoy the view.
  • Tea should be enjoyed with a dash of creativity. — Status of a Tea Addict 
  • Because each sip is a memory, a cup of tea can bring two strangers together as friends.
  • The finest antidote to whatever calamity or difficulty that the day may bring is tea.
  • A lovely cup of tea could help you get through a difficult day.
  • At the tea ceremony, it's not about who made your drink taste the best. It's all about drinking your way to clearer thinking and better vision. It's all about striking a balance and remaining pure.

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