400 cute Short poems on love and life

Shorts poems on love short poems on life are written very carefully for you to give you and serve you with the best poem. If you are depressed then these poems are for you. 

sad english lines
Short Poems

a motivational short poem about life and living

 A Poem by: Rachell Taher

Survive when other people give up
Wait for that one miracle that will
change your life forever and ever 

English short love poems

As I lay by the river brink
Like the water covers the sea
Dreaming the day to sink
Like a swollen bread in the tea

My soul

My soul is one with nature
I am air, water, and fire
I am a bird, lion, and whale
I am me, you, and them
I exist with purpose and reason

Far away from worries

Far away from worries
And promises of lying tongues
Here I lay in my haven
Alone but happy in my own world

Wash me clean

Wash me clean
Deprive MI of the insidious
And am yours
Just like I dreamt
By the River Bank

I exist, I alone exist
Not in the depths of my mind
Not in the eyes of the world
But in the heart of creation
As whole as creation itself!

Short sad poems

 With a pose of a mermaid..
I lie above the water at the shores..
Counting the sad stones..
They represent the number of days
My king has been gone..
With clothes on I would rather swim..
To the other side..
I will wait for a sign, a hint..
Even if the wind blows and I don't hear your whispers..
I will speak to you in a thousand silent ways.

Traveling is like changing the clothes of your soul.
time passes and you need to clean energy,
time to be behaving like an animal with no bowl,
to wash the clothes of your soul.
you need to find the clearest of waters,
to be able to cleanse any fear and worry.
I am just a dressed animal who needs nature.

Short poems on love

where ever the sands of the
she is in smoothy Sleep
with love to the earth

Short poems on love

 Distance is an enemy
Your Lonely in the beaches
Nostalgia in the bright days
We shared together
The beautiful evening we were smiling together
Distance is an enemy
You're feeling lonely
Throwbacks is killing you
Of those glorious nights
You were sitting in my laps
All of us gazing the full moon
And the stars that were twinkling
That twinkles and gives hopes
Distance is an enemy
Nostalgia in the praising words I was
Whispering on your ears " my damsel"
The way I use to careress your hair
The way I use to tickle your waist
Giving your love spasms
Now the shield is no more
The environment turned gloomy
The environment gave you kicks
By Bookworm de poet

Poems-English Short love

O nature love me
I afraid this world
You are the sweetest
I can't describe ur valuable word....

poems on love

I am tired of world
Materialism has grieved my soul
Hypocrisy has ruined my body
I am a peace searcher
I am tired of world
May be this cool water sooth my soul
May be this linn clean my body
I am a tired of world
May this sleep erase my sadness
May it makes me saw dream of a beautiful life
Where materialism dies
And fills me with calmness
A never ending solace
I am a tired of this world

The Oasis...
She swirled away from consciousness awaiting
the cool waters to coat her in a magic shine.
Though she was hallucinating and the clear,
 cool oasis was nothing but a ficticious vision.

After The Short Poems You may Also Like  These Beautifull Colloection of Poetry

What do you feel, if you lay on water crystal clear.
Why so cold, like his feeling for you that he never told.

Sky above smiles blue at her
Moon at night shines white upon her beauty
Ageless angels calls her name so calmly
As broken heart cries silently
Lonely Riverdale drops tears into the river dreaming her love so divinely..

 No one is yours
If u'r lost & tired
Everybody will be yours
If you're won & active
It's not time to lay down.it's time to wake up, encourage ur strength and make ur name in the world.
After it, ur loneliness will vanish

Lying on the ground
Away from the crowd
On the coast of the river
Dreaming about her love


Black frock floats at hem
Whirl hips, bold beauty in waves
Shore honed root to stem
Beach beauty, bath thought
Dark oiled skin reflecting sun
Myriad sands' sweet blot
Goddess of the bay
Muse of a million blank words
More to mope than pray

Stones of loneliness,
Stones of hardships
Life's full of heartbreaks
Found its everlasting peace,
In God's beautiful creation
It will remind us life's still His beautiful gift.


She tried to drown
But the stones kept her stuck to the lands
As she lay there
With not a single care
She wondered if she'd ever be enough

ENGLISH - Poems-Tiny

 All I want is peace,
On this cool environment
I tend to try my luck,
But did you have to break your promise?
Did you forget our love was meant to be a lifetime story?
This cold water plays the role of cooling down my temper,
Inside here I'll forget your memories,
They'll be carried away and finally fade.
I'll forget you and rebuild my heart once again
Finally I'll curse life for bringing you a long,
I'll blame my heart for giving you a position to occupy it,
I'll refresh my mind and forget you completely!

English- Short Low Love Poems

 I am still and I flow
Smiling and slow
I am shallow and am deep
awakened though asleep!

Short Little  Poems 

I am on the lyre of nature
To pour my heart
Wait, hold I cannot be apart from the distinction of your arms...
Let me be there ,let me be unite like Keats desire for

English short Poems about one picture 

Need a break from the crowd,
Sometimes i search myself into me,
Far, so far from the world,
To become a devotee of nature and want to see,
Whats the new in nature's lap,
How can i find my mind map.
Oh nature when i see your view,
Mind mind screem and say i love you..

English related poems small

 With my Nipsey braids i ask the water.
How do I float too?
She said you're to heavy, with you're burdens.
Solidify your emotions like the rock of a belief.
Tamper with heart that's used to being in way too deep.
Call onto the hurt of your world and if they don't answer.
Leave your discretions after the beep.
Me as water I flow because I have purpose.
Is yours worth it?
With your Nipsey braids do you think that's gods perfect.
He made me as he made you, designed for working.
Get to doing the actions to become like me, and then you'll see.
I'm made not perfect.

English poems brief

 She in this picture does't sleep really .
But she is feeling something surelly .
I think she still lonely and is missing someone .
Above this things are that I sugested.
Ok ! I wish all people can pass covid-19.

Small Short English Poems 

 If nature could cry of thirst
Loneliness would scream for help
If beautiful could clone your mare
Your dreams will miss an actor

Body washing thoughts to marry soul.
 Clean water helping steer in the horizon of love.

Where thou soul rest ,
In this chaotic world
Render thee element
Calm your soul ,
 the world is at rest till thou rose again and war for daily survival.

beautiful lady
Laydown to its
Natural beauty
That is nothing to compare.

 One with nature
with her mother
just as she was
like a newborn

 I want to draw
While river flows
I see stones near
Wait I will sleep here
I will dream
Tomorrow, covid will disappear

The creator hath left me from where i lay,
took my knowledge of what's had passed,
carry my identity and left me with no name,
uncertain of what lies ahead, he left me on strange sea,
He left me, he left me, he left me.

 I am left in this world

To survive on my own
The people who once
Promised to be by my side
Now frown at my presence
Yet I am here
Laying peacefully trying my best to regain my strength
To unleash the power within me
And stand to battle against my own
Ones again

 They called me blackleg,
Then dressed me in black,
And dumped me here under darkness.
I’m pure like water and blameless,
The sun rises and my beauty shines.
Black queen and proud I’ll outshine

 Now darker nights too would
be enlightened, for she,
has embedded in herself
million diamonds. After all moon,
does only reflect happiness,
I called diamonds.

On their mouth of the water
There I lye
awaiting your shiny voice
Calling me into your kingdom

 Life is full of adventure
look in nature
you become mature
balance even there's a tide
swim and ride
as a result to flow
never get drown .

The sound of water is quite clear
Let me go there and hear
I want to get lost in the lap of nature
I know i won't get same time in future
Let me touch these diamond-like stone
The time won't come again if once gone...
Let me fall asleep in the lake
Don't wake me for the god sake

 was drowning in the ocean,
And then you came along.
I was speechless before we met,
And now every part of me sings a love song.

Here lies all of nature at one
Soul, Earth, Stone
In the warm embrace of Water.

 When i looked at the waters the only thing
 i could see was a reflection of our love ❤
but it was no more the hope of our future had turned into a doom

I am not dead.
I am not drowning.
I am neither lonely nor in despair.
I am here with my freedom my free will.
I am here in peace, here one with nature and everything pure.
I am happy in my soul...although my thoughts go back to you.
Do I feel you here still.
Do I feel you everywhere.
Where should I go.
Tell me oh heart.
Will he come to find me here.
Will he come to make me restless again
To make me feel alive.
To make me one with the crowd.
Oh heart.
I am always occupied.... although fearless.

Conjured & unravelled by the power of love,
 the river guardian is now in love with the last visitor
Every stone & flow of water ejaculating his perfume was sex
 & love after a billion years of watching.
If he ever comes back again he must be stolen to her
realm for making a deity fall in love.

 I've become one with nature
I've accepted you don't want me
So in this stream I listen
And I hear that you've left me
Although it's painful but I accept
Who am I to disagree with nature
Who am I

Short Love Gracefull poetry

Gracefully I lay at the feet of nature.
Its calming embrace soothes my raging soul.
My battles shown by stone and my pure soul by water .
We came from this earth and we are a spitting image our origin mother nature❤

Love poetry Pull of water

 Love is a pull of water
There in I lay full of laughter
Caressing waves tickle
My bums with a lullaby
Love does swallow me
With accustoming warmth

 It's twilight,
Time to depart,
I was in a hurry,
Now I am weary,
Let me bury my hurry,sleeping on the sand,
Let me expose my bottled up self on the sand.
Friend ,look at my body,it is wet
Freedom,unbound on sand at sunset,
Look into the river,
And see the still water.
Kingfisher crabs make circles,
Kingfishers plunge, making ripples.
Boys, look up my body first
Girls,hook up with on beach at least
Feathers touch the evening breeze,
Souls flutter in this breeze
See the nature's canvas stream
See my body, my beauty reflects on stream
In numerous natural hues.
See the stream in the evening twilight
End of a day, end of life.

am nearing sleep
I am at peace
This world of silence
Makes me feel safe.
No ogled eyes
No bullying
To quench thirst
Sufficient water around
I am finally at peace

Short poems

Look the nature
Am feeling better
Life is unique
When you think positively

I wanna quench my thirst, the spirit loves the shore,
the body needs the touch and breeze.
The soul awaits the untimely circumstances.

Lines short 

 I'm totally discomposed
When ur love wholly enchanted my soul,
surely I will no more
When u think to get me disposed....
My heart is full of scars,
Not cause by hitting of cars,
Ur love in my heart is kind of scarce,
Stop inciting the trash
Because I'm not in for ur cash....
Ur love radiant keeps aggravating,
Each time I'm with u my soul
My pose is now sophisticating,
Vague and can't help even by meditating,
Without u, I'm nothing
Cax I'm lost in doting....
At all, I'm not dreaming,
Blatantly, u are charming,
Ur skin is oily not even by creaming,
Actually, I'm coming
Darling plz understand my screaming....
Kindly, appreciate my feelings,
I'm dying here and still believing,
Revive me back without fooling,
I love you without flattering

Free short poetry-small Poem

When the pending snows of the troubled sky
eventually falls to the river banks,
the retina of the goddess of sea feels enchanted by the Love
 burning with incense of syreas, beneath the stream.
 I laid down my feeble bones
and dipped down my cold feet feeling
 the crimson warmth of the Morning breeze,
 the micro souls that dwelleth beneath
the seas alongside echoes Louder apraising
 the beauties that abounds
Beauties that hypnotizes human, beauties beyond nature..

As I become one with nature,
I trully felt freedom.
Where I lie in the water,
My thoughts are wandering around.

 A half dead, a half alive
I asked them we aren't alike
Though my chant won't last long
As the world deliver through eternal poisons
Lost in greed and anger
No body feels what's in danger
No I have to be awaken to live for more
As I understood how deep is core
I can feel thr cure after a pain
Yeah! It's a game makes me dirty again

Though the water is shallow but still I sink.
You were a brimming brook but still I will wait till my end

 Am. At the deep end
Am. Not drowning
Buh lemme me dive in
IF only I find peace
In the blues

 need no smile or laughter
Neither motivation nor any sound from my world
But peace..
I need no words from no one
But let all negative odds let me hold on
to the feeling of the moment

I could see nature arms
That holds her with its palms
It blankets her with peace n warm
To let sleep her in her fantasy calm.

English poems very short

 I am not drowning in the shallowness of the world_
As i am dragging myself out from the darkness of the world_

  • Romaisa Aziz

 Rapturously I stood with my fife,
In disregard of nature, enjoying life.
Trees tall and short I cut down,

Selling to make my future renown.
But now without a drop of water,
My thirsty soul waits wearily bitter.

Beautiful emerald
blissfully immersed
in greenish shallow
coral waters to allow
the nature to soothen
body ,soul and mind

 I need no one besides me
All I need is a little silence in a place
 where my mind is at ease
 sound of flowing water beside me
and melodies of birds above me,
chirps of crickets crocks of frogs and the warm and cool breeze.
I need no one cause nature is there to calm me

In the quietness of a
Foggy morning...
She took gentle steps to the Brook
As always,
To meet her secret lover...
Her feet covered in
Morning dew...
She quietly came to
The Brook to meet
Her soul mate...
The Man she loved...
Her husband followed behind...
Taking peeps behind
The back of rosewoods...
A bow and arrow in his hand, a strong feeling urged him to
See the mysterious ritual performed by the love of his life...
The wife...
From the distance, he saw him, touching his wife carelessly as they both stood in the Shallow Waters of the Brook...
She wore no underwear as he runs his strong fingers on her bare bums pulling down the black night 👗 she wore...
Her voice runs in his head as she told him earlier in the night that she was on her luner days...
He aimed at him, the arrow was Sharp, dipped in a poisonous substance...
As he let it go for his head, alass she raised her self to kiss him deeply...
And it went through her neck, tearing up her throat, busting into a bloody Brook...
He took to his hills and was never to be seen ever again.



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