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 Love Poems About Her

                         Love poems about her are the collection of poetry for your love. Love poems provided you a way to forget her or to love her more, You can use these love poetry about her every time whenever you read because it's never old.

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We provide the best romantic love poems when you need something sweet to say to your darling.
Enhance romance and love with deep poetry About her.

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A collection of short love poems: they can be short and sweet, but these visionary poems are also full of tenderness.
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  • Love poems About her. I dream of a woman dressed in white. I will be the warrior who will fight for our love; You entered my life like a star. A smile is such a beautiful thing especially on your face; I love your lips when they are wet with wine. I love my eyes. You illuminated my soul.
  • Your lips are so soft and red.
  • Irresistible true love poems. Warm romantic poetry with free verses and rhyming poems about love. Short, long, sad, adolescent, relational poems.

If you are looking for short love messages or short romantic poems, here is the. The following short love poem for or her in free verses explains why you love her.

Especially when given to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife, romantic love poems for her would surely make them love more. Although not all.

Short love poems for her. Send your wife a beautiful love poem from the heart. -Like a river to the sea, bring your sweet love.

Beautiful romantic poems for her. Poems and love quotes rhymed with pictures for your girlfriend and wife. See more ideas about love poems

I love poetry for her from the heart. It is always important to say something from the bottom of your heart, especially when it comes to love words. Don't think of anyone.

Do not do anything, you can simply release a love poem on his cell phone. I will leave some poems that you can send to your lover

Romantic love poems for her. I will begin you the star, I will comfort your fears, I will create rainbows for y'all

Show your daughter that you love her with love poems for her. Express your heartfelt love for your noblewoman by expressions of poetry. A lady can do a man appreciate,

If you wish to be a warrior prepare to get broken,
If you wish to be an explorer prepare to get lost,
If you wish to be a lover prepare to be both.

An amazing Love poem about  her

You are my mirror, my only mirror,
This is not what I want.
I don't want you to be my mirror.
Where I can't touch you all at once,
Your laughter will only make you dumb,
I can't wipe the tears with my fingers and kiss the forehead.
I can't hug you ...!
I don't want you to be that feelingless mirror, to be inanimate.
You would rather be a majestic woman,
In which all my passions, feelings will not fail,
At the end of the day, I'll be back home,
Whose sari wipes the sweat from his forehead,
A glass of plain water will quench my thirst,
Whose face will take away my fatigue?
You would rather be a majestic woman.

This poem love about her is written by : Raju Ahammed

Love Poem about her "Agone"

Maria Angelica Padilla Talento

In day you are my sweety light,
In the night you are my sleepy tight

When you are sleety, I give you tea
And in bleak times, I give you me

Remember the day on the sea?
Glancing there and walked with me

All the memories and seeking lies
Sincerely, you told me these lines

"in the day, no doubt, you said yes,
Promise and smile from east to west.
My hopes are high, just like the sky"

And all goes low, you said "Goodbye"


Abduljabbar Mukhtar

I said you are my treasure
With a mouth of bright deceits.

Let me make you my queen
While I own no kingdom.

Never will I leave you
Yet, I'm in debt to death.

I will cure your hearts ache
Yet, I study no medicines.

Make me your source of joy
But, I've sunk in sadness.

Take the key to my heart
While my heart is not a door.

I don't mind being your slave
While I dreamt to be your king.

Please kindly be mine
Yet, I never own my life.

I will protect your heart
But I can't withstand a hit

Let me call you my light
When you're dangling in the darkness

Oh! What an angel you are
When you're swimming in sin.

You are the most perfect
With signs of imperfections.

Let me dance to your tune
When you can't do any rhythm

These are the pretty lies
That is harbored by true love.

©Blossom pen
Abduljabbar bn Mukhtar
The striving poet.

Poem for her "Define Love"

Prince Kate Phillips

True love will never leave you
and it will always make you happy.
In love, you can be a beggar
And treat someone like a king.

Some say it's unexplainable.
It can also make you sad.
Like time, it's always ascending
and gets stronger in your heart.

Some love starts with a good friendship
For some people love their friends.
Love is unconditional
As forever never ends.

Love in its complexity
It is not the concept of love itself.
It's more than a mix of lovely words
And true feelings to express.

Some say love is wonderful
It's about how does one can feel.
It's a kind of true affection
But be wise to see if it's real.

Love can be a painful lie.
It can make your heart insane.
It can also make most people cry.
Love can lead to sorrow and pain.

Love has its own mysterious ways
But some fools resort to war.
Some can find the love of their life.
Someone valuable than a car.

Men make a loved one as their wife.
A love that is meant to last.
When you fail to see beyond beauty,
Then true love never dies.

Love can be a sacrifice,
The absence hurt sometimes.
It can be a tool for ignorants
Because passion can cause crime.

Some define it as "love is fake".
To steal your heart, to make or break.
Love is honest, love is pure.
Don't say it's love when insecure.

Some say love is a waste of time
But love gives a reason for one to fight.
The highest love is from God himself.
Where we can seek our peace of mind.

- Prince Kate Ivy

Farri Farid Khan

Sometimes, not everything
that you want will be yours.
Sometimes, not all of the dreams
you dream of will become reality.
Sometimes, you feel hurt but you
have to let it be in order to see
others happy and sometimes you win,
sometimes you learn.
Just keep your head up, my dear;
accept the reality that not everyone will
always be there with us.

If not for you, I wouldn’t know
What true love really meant.
I’d never feel this inner peace;
I couldn’t be content.

If not for you, I’d never have
The pleasures of romance.
I’d miss the bliss, the craziness,
Of love’s sweet, silly dance.

I have to feel your tender touch;
I have to hear your voice;
No other one could take your place;
You’re it; I have no choice.

Poem  "Twilight"

Kunal Bhardwaj

You are engraved on my soul,
As petals of the flower rose...
Give me some fire, give me some dose
And I am getting drained...
On your furious flames...
Let's end this ego trip...
And go for a never-ending kiss...
Though apart as poles...
Let's come to the equator...
And join all the broken zones

Benson David

Looking through the constellation
searching for a diamond of many colors
only to find her image formed
in the blinding lights of the stars.

Up and up she goes
Like a rocket of love
launched from the heart
of a first time lover

Time and time again
I put up a new guise
just to speak her love language

Moment upon moments
I sit and envisage
an unforeseen union

Miles and miles away
I traveled endlessly
in search of the perfect words

But now and now
My love quest is written
in a stanza of "six"

"A Journey Of The Heart So Genuine"

Timothy DiVito

A journey of the heart so genuine,
as I lay down to face the night alone,
traveling paths of the soul so divine.

In the darkness, the moon and sun entwine,
at least I know I am not on my own,
a journey of the heart so genuine.

This is a destiny of grand design,
I am sure I will be chilled to the bone,
traveling paths of the soul so divine.

It is upon this day our love does shine,
lighting up the shadow of the unknown,
a journey of the heart so genuine.

I will die for the passion that is mine,
upon this sweet ecstasy that has flown,
traveling paths of the soul so divine. 

I shall drink from you my sweetest of wine,
together we shall reap what we have sewn,                                                 
a journey of the heart so genuine,
traveling paths of the soul so divine

this poem about her is from Timothy DiVito

jasper Kesteloo

A Love buddy
To cuddle affectionately
To kiss passionately

To walk together
Through golden fields
Over emerald hills

To meet intimately
Amidst colorful flowers
Who you ask?

A Love buddy
Without the mask


Eps Phemelo 

Those days we used to be deeply in love
Those days we used to love each other
Those days we seemed to be true in love
Those day's we use to ruled love
Those days our love used to burn its flame
Those days I used to smile at your lips
Those days still we have each other's


I've never marked the day we've met
I could not stretch my legs, to trace your directions
Maybe I was lost and blind, that I wasn't your matches
Those days I used to look you deeply on your eyes
I might not know the meaning of love


I've never marked our breaking up the day
It's love undiscovered yet, doubtful to be discovered
Hold my paradise, my love is strong bright
It's so hurt for me to reach you
Those days I used to hold you tired
I've failed to observe what's blind you so badly


I've never marked the day's of pains
Looking you was inspiring
You seemed lost to my love
For what I have for us
Those day's I used to touch you
Your love belongs to me I've seen it


I've never marked the day you will change
Sometimes it's hard to take away the pains of loving you deep
Cause I found out that I still care
Love is timeless in life
Those day's I used to hear your voice closer


I've never mark goods and bad
The memory of the storm
You've been stealing my hope
You are from my whole world
Those day's of wishes
You are the sugar that makes my flavor


I've never marked, one day you will be a mark
You are my day and my night
The harm had destroyed my heart into pieces
I cry out my, my heart needs to be shielded
Those days I used to smile when I see your smile
I won't say goodbye,
....Cause I still want to try to love again
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