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Joining an online rewards site can be an easy way to earn some extra cash, but only if you join a legitimate one. adBTC is one such site that promises to reward you for completing small online tasks, mainly paying you in Bitcoin. But is it a worthwhile option or one to avoid? This review takes an in-depth look to help you decide if you should join.

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What is adBTC and How Does it Work?

adBTC.top is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site where you can earn Bitcoin for surfing ads and visiting other websites. There are a few main ways to earn:

-Surf Ads: You view ads in a separate window while a timer counts down. Once the timer ends, close the ad and start the next one. Rewards are small.

- Active Window Surfing: Similar to regular surfing but the timer stops if you switch windows. A bit more tedious. 

- Auto Surfing: The easiest option. Click start and it will automatically proceed through the ads without you having to do anything.

- Referrals: You can invite friends and earn 10% of what they earn. But there's no guarantee they'll stay active.

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What Are the Rewards Like?

Rewards are paid out in satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Each ad view or site visit earns you somewhere between 10-40 satoshis. Since it takes about 13,000 satoshis to equal $1, you'll need to put in a lot of time and effort to earn any significant amount of money.

Who Can Join and How Does Payment Work? 

adBTC is available globally to anyone over 18 with a Bitcoin wallet address. You don't need to accumulate a minimum to withdraw your earnings, which is nice, but make sure to withdraw enough to cover Bitcoin transaction fees.

Is it Mobile-Friendly and Easy to Use?

While there's no mobile app, the site is mobile-optimized so you can access it from your phone or tablet's browser. The simple interface makes it easy to get started earning quickly.

Final Verdict: Worth Joining or Not?


- Easy earning opportunities 

- Global availability

- Can withdraw any amount


- Extremely low rewards

- Only pays in Bitcoin

- Minimal support options


Overall, while adBTC makes earning easy, the extremely low rewards mean you'll need a lot of patience to earn anything substantial. There are likely better options out there unless you really want to earn specifically in Bitcoin. Consider exploring more high-paying survey and GPT sites instead for better earning potential.

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