Selfish Man Quotes For Selfish People Around You

Best selfish man quotes are the quotes that are written for selfish people and tell you how to avoid them and live with them not to harm you.

selfish man quotes A Collection Of The Best Selfish Man Quotes.Selfish man quotes show that people can be selfish without having to admit it. We all have a selfish side, even if we don’t like to admit it.

We all want the best for ourselves and we all want things to go our way. Sometimes, we can be selfish without even knowing it.

It’s good to realize the fact that you are capable of being selfish. Once you know what your selfish side is capable of, you can really work on controlling it and making sure that you’re not hurting anybody else because of it.

Quotes are a wonderful and timeless way to gain inspiration as well as share interesting thoughts and ideas. Quotes can be used for many purposes, from personal reminders to friendly greetings and more.

A great quote can give us the strength to carry on when we’re feeling down or the inspiration needed for an amazing day.

Everyday we come across many quotes, but most of them are ordinary. After hearing the same quotes over and over again, they lose their meaning and impact. In order to make a great quote, it needs to be meaningful, motivational, original and in a way that cannot.

Quotes About A Selfish Man

A selfish man is a thief. -- Jose Marti

A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor's. Richard Whately

With fools, there is no companionship. Rather than to live with men who are selfish, vain, quarrelsome, and obstinate, let a man walk alone. Buddha

If you look at life with any honesty and intelligence, it's clear that human nature is dark, vile, selfish, and despondent. But I also see a force in human nature, namely grace, that sometimes works against our natural moral entropy. Scott Derrickson

No man is more cheated than the selfish man. - Henry Ward Beecher

A man is nothing more than the things he does to get what he wants. - Hal Ackerman

Each one lives, waving selfishness; indeed, it is human nature; whereas, one's motives exhibit its frame of mind and character, not nature. - Ehsan Sehgal

“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.” ― Criss Jami

If there is one thing I dislike, it is the man who tries to air his grievances when I wish to air mine. - P.G. Wodehouse

No man is more cheated than a selfish man. -- Henry Ward

Forget the dog be aware of a selfish man. -- Unknown

The only difference between a hero and a villain is that the villain chooses to use that power in a way that is selfish and hurts other people. Chadwick Boseman

Selfish Man Quotes

  • “That man who lives for self alone lives for the meanest mortal known.” – Joaquin Miller
  • “No man will work for your interests unless they are his.” – David Seabury
  • If there is one thing I dislike, it is the man who tries to air his grievances when I wish to air mine.” – P.G. Wodehouse
  • “Stay real. stay loyal or stay away from me.”
  • “Selfishness keeps man blind through life.”
  • “One loyal man is worth ten thousand relatives.”
  • “Selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race.”
  • “Glory built on selfish principles is shame and guilt.”
  • “Relationships aren’t designed for selfish individuals.”
  • “Selfishness, not love, is the actuating motive of the gallant.”
  • “A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.”
  • “A false man and a shadow attend only while the sun shines.”

Gambling makes boys selfish and cruel as well as men. - Thomas Hughes

Man is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish, and unethical animal on earth. - Michael Fox

Nothing makes a man so selfish as work. - George Bernard Shaw

Selfish men make the best lovers. They're prepared to invest in the women's pleasures so that they can collect an even bigger dividend for themselves. - Author: J.G. Ballard

It disturbs me no more to find men base, unjust, or selfish than to see apes mischievous, wolves savage, or the vulture ravenous. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre


A good man can be stupid and still be good. But a bad man must have brains. Maxim Gorky The bad man desires arbitrary power. What moves the evil man is the love of injustice. John Rawls

A bad man is a sort who weeps every time he speaks of a good woman. H. L. Mencken

loves selfish people most of the time; you even give them all that you have, everything.

You can stop being selfish even by showing you care; you need to become giving, kind.

Be kind enough to everyone that no one would ever doubt you to be selfish, even if you are.

When you stop thinking of the benefit of other people, that is the moment you become selfish.

Go on and waste some energy for someone else tonight, go out there and do it all, okay?

There is nothing born out of selfishness; you just have to give the best you can in everything.

There is nothing wrong with giving without expecting anything in return; that is the beauty of it.

Stop being that selfish person that you are and might as well learn to give things to others.

The moment you stop thinking of only yourself is the moment you stop being a selfish person.

To have outstanding achievement, one must learn to sacrifice a lot more than he needs.

Share your blessings with other people and learn that no one in this world can be better.

The best things in life must be shared between people so that selfishness is never born.

Quote About Selfish Man Who is a Father 

  1. “I never had a speech from my father ‘this is what you must do or shouldn’t do’ but I just learned to be led by example. My father wasn’t perfect.” – Adam Sandler
  2. “Sons aspire to either become their father or vie to be his exact opposite.” – Kilroy J. Oldster
  3. “They should love you, just as you are. Parents should love their kids, right?” “You’d think so.” – N.R. Walker
  4. “I felt my father’s presence with me, helping me to commit to paper the feelings I had. I really heard my father speaking to me from the other dimension.” – Michael Landon
  5. “Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son.” – George Lucas
  6. “When a father gives to his son, both laugh. When a son gives to his father, both cry.” – William Shakespeare
  7. “Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers, and fathering is a very important stage in their development.” – David M. Gottesman
  8. “Money doesn’t change men, it merely unmasks them. If a man is naturally selfish or arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out, that’s all.” – Henry Ford
  9. “The fact that my relationship with my son is so good makes me forgiving of my father and also appreciative.” – Anthony Kiedis
  10. “There should be an anti father’s day. A bad dad’s day. that way I could truly say “you are the best.” —Unknown
  11. “Some kids are able to become independent without the presence of their father.” —Unknown
  12. “Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” —Unknown
  13. “The absent are never without fault, nor the present without excuse.” —Benjamin Franklin
  14. “Father’s Day is so hard for me.” —Unknown
  15. “As old as she was. She still missed her daddy sometimes.” —Unknown
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