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Sabar quotes in Urdu sabar mean patience and hardship bearing, sabar bohat badhi dolat hay sabar kay bohat say fawaid hay. patience is so important. we have always the best quotes for you and this time, we also come up with unique quotes, which can definitely make you melt, so stay with us and keep loving us.   

Sabar koi koi karta hay sabar haar aik ko aa jata hay

ھُلا دیں گے تُم کو بھی ذرا صبر تو کرو

رگ رَگ میں بسے ہو ، تھوڑا وقت تو لگے گا

bhula dein gay tum koh be zara sabar tou karo

ragh ragh mein basay ho, thora waqth tou lagay ga

میں نے بڑی مُشکل سے صبر کیا ہے

میری اذیتوں کو بحال مت کرو

mein nay barri mushkil say sabar kiya hay

mere azeyaton ko bahal math karo

دِل ہی تو ہے نہ آۓ کیوں، دَم ہی تو ہے نہ جاۓ کیوں

ہم کو خٌدا جو صبر دے تٌجھ سا حسیں بناۓ کیوں

Dil hei tou hay na aye kyun, dam hei tou hay na jany kyun

hum ko khuda joh sabar day tujh say haseen banaye kyun

تمھارے کہیں اور مصروف ہونے سے

صبر تو آ جاتا ہے پر نیند نہیں آتی

Tumharay kahin aur masroof honay sai

sabar tou a jata hay pr neend nahi ati

لوگوں کو تو آہ لگتی ہے

تُجھے تو میرا صبر لگے گا

logun koh tou aah lagte hay

tujhy tou mera sabar lagy gah.

Woh Mujh Koh Chor Kay Jis Admi Kay Pass Gaya

Barabari Ka Be Hota Toh Sabr Aa Jaata.

وہ مجھ کو چھوڑ کے جس آدمی کے پاس گیا

برابری کا بھی ہوتا تو صبر آ جاتا

Sabar kay kuch ghoont itnay karway hote hain

Keh pure zindage ke mithas cheen letay hain

Kahan say laun itna sabr

Tum thora sa mil kyun naahi jaatay

May kia kahoon kay mujhay sabar kyun nahi aata,
May kia karoon kay tujhay dekhnay kei aadat hay.
  1. Sab Say Barri Bahadri Sabar Hai.
  2. Zarori Nahi Kay Koi BadDua Ya Aah Tumhara Pecha Kary baaz aukaat Kese Ka Sabar Bhe Tumhari Khushiyon Kei Rah Main Rukawat Ban Sakta Hay.
  3. Sabar aik ese sawari haeyjo apnay sawar koh kabhe girnay naahi deti
  4. Nah kese kay Kadmon main, Nah kese kei nazroon main.
  5. Hameshaa Is Tarha Zindage Basar Kro Kay Dekhnay Waly Tumhary Dard Par Afsos Kai Bajae Tumhary Sabar Pr Rashk Karen…!
  6. Fikar Kei Darakht Koh Sabr Ka Pani Detay Rehna Chahiye Ta kay Aanay Wale Naslain Khush’hall Zindage Basar Karen.
  7. Meray Sabr Ka Na Lay Imtihan Mere Khamoshe Koh Saza Na Day.
  8. Mein sabr ka wo darjah chahte hoon kay jab tumhara naam liya jai toh na mere awaz madham ho na lehjah bhegay aur na mere ankh num hon

Naa poch meray sabr kei inteha kaha tak hay

tou sitam kr lay tere takat jahan taak hay

wafa kei umeed jinhen hoge unhen hoge,

hamy toh dekhna hay tou bewafa kahan tak hay.

Quotes from Sabr. When someone is going through a difficult period, we often notice ourselves urging them to have patience and sabr. But we seldom consider what Sabr is.

In Islam, sabr means to "restrain oneself from" and "endure" unfavorable conditions. It entails abstaining from what Allah SWT forbids and bearing with what He sends.

Sabr is extremely important in Islam because Allah mentions patience and endurance in the Holy Quran when there are only rocks and thorns in our path.

Sabar in Islam:

When He puts us through trials, we should never grumble to Him. We can either show thankfulness and hold the Sabr rope to get out of the dark pit, or we can remain in the dark cell by being ungrateful and dubious of Allah's decisions, weakening our faith.

We live in this world and forget that we must return to our Creator soon, and our lives are shattered when one of our loved ones departs for the final dwelling.

We're so depressed that we can't get the guts to move forward. However, the mourning period should not exceed three days. We must persuade ourselves to be patient and accept Allah SWT's will.

Sabar Quotes In Urdu

  1. Sabar Ka Ghont Doosron Ko Pilana aasan Hai Khud Peete Hue Pata Chalta Hai Ki Ek Ek Katra Kitna Mushkil Hota Hai 
  2. Jis shaks main bar ajata hay wh dunia ka sab say takat war admi ban jata hai.
  3. Sabar aik azeem naimat hay.
  4. Sabar karne wale ko kabhi ruswai nahi hote.
  5. Sabar karne wala padhao say be takra jayega.
  6. Beshak Allah sabar krnay walo kay sath hay.
  7. Sabar karna shukar hay.
  8. Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai.

Patience in Love: Islamic Quotes

When two people meet and form the Nikah relationship, they agree to live with each other's shortcomings and follies. The first few months are spent getting to know one another.

No spouse should be disrespectful to the other. Living with someone in your nikah for the rest of your life will present numerous obstacles. Because the other person would have different interests and perspectives, they must be open-minded in order to accept them and calmly cope with all challenges. The most vital aspect of a successful marriage is patience.

Sabar Quotes about love. 

Tumhe dekhne kay bad mai be sabar sa ho jata hoon.

Agar apke andar be sabar nahi hay to apko chhaye ke apne andar sabar ko laye kyu ke ye apko pore life bhlaon say bachaye ge, Allah ham sab ko sabar karne ke taleek farmaye ameen. if you love these quotes about sabar then please participate in these quotes with your friends.

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