100 Best Collection of Allah Quotes - Islam Quotes About Life

Best quotes about Allah quotes that will change your life and will make you know about Allah. These Allah quotes or Islam Quotes are so precious for you and will make your information stronger toward Allah Pak.

100 Allah Quotes - Islam quotes about life
100 Allah Quotes - Islam quotes about life

Allah Quotes Islam quote life

When you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, Just close your eyes, and take a deep breath and say, “Ya Allah, I know this is your plan just help me through it.”

God has not created anything better than reason, or anything more perfect or more beautiful than reason. – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

In Islam every life is important. There is no difference between white and black, short and tall, poor and rich. We all are the slave of Allah. We are the same.

Don’t be proud of every guy wants you, cheap items have many buyers be a rare stone that only the pious can afford you, reach and get you in a Halal relationship (Nikkah)

God is gentle and loves gentleness in all things.- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

When you suffer for your sadness and loose, remember your sins are wiping out and you are getting saved from hellfire. ALLAH always knows what is best for you.

Do not force the religion on your family. show them the beauty of the religion through your own practice. – Nouman Ali khan

Everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah. Cat Stevens

Allah will help him who moves in the way of Allah. Abu Bakr

Allah says in the Qur'an not to despise one another. So the criterion in Islam is not color or social status. It's who is most righteous. If I go to a mosque - and I'm a basketball player with money and prestige - if I go to a mosque and see an imam, I feel inferior. He's better than me. It's about knowledge. Hakeem Olajuwon

If you are in trouble and don't find a way, Allah will make ways for you.

In the darkness, Allah is the light.

If you pray to Allah you are in the right direction. – jawad amir

Only Allah can feel the real pain you have.

Allah loves you more than 70 mothers.

Allah is very near to you more than your nerves.

Allah has the power to turn your life into heaven.

Remember Allah in any situation.

Only Allah helps you in the belly of your mother.

Allah puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason.

Believe In Allah makes you stronger and brave.

Allah is the right direction.

Following the path of Allah will bring joy to your life.

The more you are close to Allah you will be close to humanity. 

Islam means submitting your will to Allah. 

Allah will never leave your hands.

If you lose something it means Something better is coming from Allah.

Allah quotes about love

Allah Owns your happiness so don’t look for it far from him.

Allah quotes Tumblr

Put Allah first, and you will never be last.

Allah quotes on life

No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship – Quran [53:58]

Allah quotes for hardship

Allah hears your heart's intention before your lips whisper your request. – Yahya Adel Ibrahim.

Allah quotes about the request

Prayer is an amazing exchange you hand over your worries to Allah and Allah hands over his blessing to you.

Allah quotes about prayers

The beauty behind loneliness is that you find out that to survive you don’t need anyone but Allah.

Allah quotes with image

There is no might or power except with Allah

Everyone receives Allah's blessings. We don't always recognize them since they can disguise themselves. Allah SWT alone has provided us with food to eat, water to drink, a bed to sleep in, a house to rest in, and a family to adore. We are surrounded by many blessings that we are unaware of. Our mouths should be constantly thanking Allah SWT for his numerous blessings.

Allah has showered us with several favors and blessings. We should be grateful to Him at all times as His creations. We shall lose our blessing if we remain ungrateful, and Allah will not be pleased with us. Allah promises us in the Quran that if we are grateful to Him for everything, He would give us more.

Allah SWT hears all of our prayers, whether they are silent or loud. He responds to our frantic cries for help and accepts our supplications. He is the most forgiving, and He grants our wants and accepts our duas despite our ungratefulness. Only by chanting Allahamdulillah and the following dua should we be grateful to Him for receiving our duas.

The first surah of the Quran, Fatiha, begins with the term ‘Allahamdulillah,' which means ‘All praise is due to Allah.' The reciter of this surah begins with praising Allah, demonstrating the importance of gratitude and Shukr in Islam. Allah has a special affection for people who are grateful to him.

Shukr, or being grateful to Allah SWT, is stated several times in the Quran. Allah has requested us to be grateful to Him at all times, and He will continue to bless us. Allah favors those who are appreciative and whose tongues are moistened by Allah's remembrance.

Thanking Allah for allowing me to be a Muslim

Islam is known as the "loving religion." Allah SWT has a special affection for Muslims. Muslims have been blessed in every aspect, but the greatest blessing is that Allah chose us to be Muslims. He led us down the correct path and picked us to be Muslims and Prophet Muhammed's Ummah members.

It is a blessing to thank Allah.

Those who can recognize and express gratitude for Allah SWT's favors are blessed. Being able to recognize how fortunate we are is likewise a blessing and a gift from Allah.


Gratitude to Allah for Life

Allah SWT has given us all the life we have now as a gift. Many people are killed as a result of unfortunate events. Every breath we take, every step we take, and every minute we spend should be a source of gratitude to Allah. This life is a gift from Allah, and we must strive to live it in peace.

Every religion has a God who has been worshipped for ages. The Muslim religion's god is Allah. The Koran is the sacred book for Muslims, just as the Bhagavad-Geeta is the sacred book for Hindus and the Bible is the sacred book for Christians. The Quran reflects Allah's words, and the Muslim community adheres to every word stated in the Quran. There are websites on the internet where Allah's quotes can be found. Some of them may be able to help you solve your problem. These Allah quotes and HD images are generally based on your daily activities. If you read all of the quotes, you will find every solution to your problem.

When I'm upset, happy, depressed, puzzled, or confronted with an issue, that is. As a Muslim, I attempt to find solutions religiously, and I occasionally look for Islamic quotations images to help me with my present condition or problem. These types of Islamic life quotes strengthen my Imaan and motivate me to confront problems instead of Facebooking them.

Don't despair if you're feeling depressed, lost, or burdened by your misdeeds; Allah is there for you. Have faith and be inspired by Allah's forgiving words. In this post, we've included a list of praying for forgiveness quotes in Islam as well as forgiveness from Allah quotes for your convenience.

How many times have we all felt overwhelmed and hopeless? Our Imaan may be at an all-time low, and we may begin to believe that Allah's kindness is no longer open to us.

No matter how many times you have harmed and sinned, we must remember. If you turn to Allah, no matter how many times you have fallen, He is the most forgiving and will forgive you.

A person who truly fears his lord does not care about others and does not put himself in a position where his religion is at risk.

Don’t ever think that dying upon the shahadah will be easy. The tongue utters what’s in the heart. Reflect.

When you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, Just close your eyes, and take a deep breath and say,  Ya Allah, I know this is your plan just help me through it. 

The backbiter shall not enter Paradise

If you are in doubt ask ALLAH. Perform Salatul Istikhara

When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead.

Dear Muslim Girls

Don’t be proud of every guy wants you, cheap items have many buyers be a rare stone that only the pious can afford you, reach and get you in a Halal relationship (Nikkah)

  1. Verify Allah SWT forgives all sins | Al-Quran 39:53
  2. Allah SWT will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind | Sahih Al-Bukhari Book 73 Hadith 42 
  3. Allah’s love will never end.
  4. Every drop is a blessing from Allah SWT.
  5. When you make dua, it is a sign that Allah SWT loves you & has intended good for you | Imam Ibn al-Qayyim
  6. Happiness is talking to Allah SWT.
  7. When we repair our relationship with Allah SWT, He repairs everything else for us.
  8. Allah SWT can make your hardest breakdowns become your biggest breakthroughs.
  9. When there is no way, Allah SWT will take away.
  10. Oh Allah, forgive me.
  11. No situation is experiencing along. Allah SWT is always with you.
  12. People can give great advice, but only Allah SWT gives perfect Guidance.
  13. O Allah, change me until I am someone You are pleased with.
  14.  No matter what you do, it’s written. Put your trust in Him.
  15. Allah sometimes removes a person from your life for your own good. Don’t run after them.
  16.  Nothing on the earth or in heaven is hidden from Allah.
  17.  Allah is displeased when you stop asking Him and mankind is displeased when asked | Ibn Al-Qayyim
  18.  And those who strive hard for us, we will certainly guide them in Our ways; and Allah (SWT) is most surely with the doers of good | Surat Al-Ankaboot (29:69)
  19. Walk alone until Allah sends you someone to walk with
  20. To Allah belongs the East and the West: Whenever ye turn, there is the presence of Allah (SWT) | Surah Baqarah 115
  21. Until we realize that it is only Allah (SWT) who is the source of peace, we will never be able to attain true peace of mind.

Believe in Allah Quotes for Muslims

  • Allah (SWT) knows what He is doing. Have patience.
  •  And it is Allah (SWT) who gives strength in times of weakness.
  • Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah (SWT) hearts are assured.
  • Tawakkul is having full faith that Allah (SWT) will take care of you, even things look impossible.
  • And hold fast all of you together to the rope of Allah (SWT) | The Holy Quran (3:103)
  • Allah (SWT) is the greatest.
  • In the end, it’s just you and Allah. And that shall be enough.
  • If Allah is making you wait, then be prepared to get more than what you expected.
  • When we repair our relationship with Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) will repair everything else for us.
  • Allah is never late. Have patience. Have faith.
  • Allah alone is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us) | Quran 3:173

Allah quotes for DP

  1. I want to die with my forehead on the ground, the Sunnah in my heart, Allah on my mind, Quran on my tongue, and tears in my eyes.
  2. Be somebody in the eyes of Allah, even if you are nobody in the eyes of people.
  3. Allah gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers
  4.  I believe in Allah and the Last Day.
  5. There are no sad endings for those who trust Allah.
  6. The happiest people are those who have found that Allah is enough.
  7. If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
  8. Tawakkul –  The heart’s trust in Allah alone to take care of things that are out of one’s understanding or ability.
  9. By Allah, For Allah, From Allah, To Allah.
  10. Without Allah, I’m nothing.
  11. When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy because Allah is answering that person’s prayer through you.
  12. Allah never said the road would be easy. But He said I will be with those who have patience. 
  13. Ask Allah to assist you in obtaining whatever you seek, and never lose hope in his mercy.
  14. When you are tempted to lose patience with someone, think how patient Allah has been with you.
  15. Love Allah Quotes
  16. O, Allah! I want my love for you to grow every day!
  17. Life is a journey from Allah to Allah.
  18. I have put my trust in Allah.
  19. When Allah is at the center of your priority in life, then you are at the center of Allah’s providential care | Hamza Yusuf
  20. If Allah guides you to remember Him it’s a sign that Allah loves you | Ali Ibn Abi Talib
  21. From Allah, For Allah, To Allah.
  22. Oh Allah, help me to never be afraid to pray for the impossible. Ameen!
  23. May Allah forgive us for all the prayers we have missed.
  24. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,  He who does not thank people, does not thank Allah SWT.  | Narrated by Abu Hurayrah Sunan Abi Dawud 4811
  25. Subhan’Allah. In a life where headphones wire keep twisting together, is it a coincidence that 97,000 KM long blood vessels never get tangled? So which of the favor of your Lord would you deny | Quran 55:13
  26. Don’t cry for your loss. Allah will not take anything from a believer without replacing it with something better.


Faith in Allah Quotes

Not once did Allah say ‘Worry about it’ or ‘Stress over it’. He said ‘Trust me.


To be able to thank Allah for a blessing is a blessing within itself | Imam Shafi’i

Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him.

Until we realize that it is only Allah who is the source of peace, we will never be able to attain true peace of mind.


The man who built the Titanic was asked, how safe it would be? With an ironic tone, he said:  Not even God can sink it.

Allah says in Quran: And do not walk upon the earth exultantly. Indeed, you will never tear the earth (apart), and you will never reach the mountains in height (Quran 17:37)


Allah SWT listens & already knows what is in your Heart but He wants you to ASK Him for what you want


People leave you. Allah doesn’t.


Allah would say on the Day of Judgement: Where are those who love each other for the sake of My glory? Today I will shelter them with My shade, as there is no shade today except My shade.

People will ignore 1000 good deeds because of one fault, Allah will ignore 1000 faults because of good deeds.

Allah owns your happiness so don’t look for it far from Him.

Tawakkul is having complete trust that Allah’s plan is the best | Yasmin Mogahed

Keep talking about me behind my back and Allah will keep blessing me in front of your face.

Every heart that aches Allah soothes. Every tear that falls, Allah catches. Every cut that bleeds, Allah heals. Every sin regretted, Allah forgives.

Never disrespect women when Allah SWT dedicated a whole surah called Surah An-Nisa.

Sometimes the blessings are not in what He gives, but in what He takes away. Allah is the best planner for you. Have faith and be patient.

Be scared of the silence of someone you have hurt. Because if he didn’t say or do anything in return, Allah will.

 If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.  – Sahih Al Bukhari

Allah-quote in English

 Doctors can treat you, but only ALLAH can heal you 

 Allah is enough 

Allah’s timing is perfect in every matter. We don’t always understand the wisdom behind it. But we have to learn to trust it. 

Allah knows what is best for you and when you should have it. 

 I only complain of my Sorrow and my sadness to ALLAH. 

 Fill your heart with Eemaan and it will become the most peaceful place on earth. 

 Worries End When SALAH Begins 

 Trust Allah when things don’t work out the way you wanted. Allah has something better planned for you. 

 I said to Allah,  I hate life.  He replied,  Who asked you to love life? Just love me and life will beautiful. 

 Trust Allah when things don’t work out the way you wanted. Allah has something better planned for you. 

 If you want to destroy any nation without war, make adultery & nudity common in the next generation. – Salahuddin Ayyubi 

 Beware of being found where Allah prohibited you from. and beware of being absent from where Allah commanded you to be. 

One who remembers ALLAH is never Alone. 

When you feel low or sad look around you. Who are your friends? Surround yourself with those who remind you of Allah and become happy. 

The solution to every problem is in SABR (patience) and ISTIGFAAR (seeking forgiveness). 

Take every day as a chance to become a better Muslim. 

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have. Say Alhamdulillah every moment of life. 

You Cannot Delete your internet history from ALLAH. 

 When we repair our relationship with Allah, He repairs everything else for us. 

No matter what your physical appearance, when you have kindness in your heart, You’re the most beautiful person in the world. – Mufti Ismail Menk 

Allah understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say Them. 

Tawakkul is having full faith that ALLAH will take care of you even when things look Impossible. 

Have fear of Allah wherever you are 


Beautiful Islamic quotes

 When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead. 

And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. He forgives whom He wills and punishes whom He wills. And Allah is forgiving and merciful.  [Quran 3:129].

 So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.  [Al-A’raf verse 204].

 Allah does not wrong the people at all, but it is the people who are wronging themselves.  [Quran 10:44].

 Allah still loves and shows mercy to those who disobey Him, so imagine how much He loves those who obey Him.  [The Wondering].

Allah will fulfill his needs if anyone fulfills his brother’s needs; if one relieves a Muslim of his troubles, Allah will relieve his troubles on the Day of Resurrection.  [Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Sahih Bukhari].

Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.  [Quran 2:286]

 So lose not heart, nor fall into despair, for you will be superior if you are true in faith  [Surah Al-Imran 3:139].

 And Allah has sent down rain from the sky and given life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed in that is a sign for people who listen.  Surah An-Nahl [16:65].

 Your fate has been written with the ink of His love and sealed with His mercy so fear not, place your trust in Him and have hope in His decree.  [Gems of Jannah].

 The bravest heart is the one that stays close to Allah, even, when it’s in pain.  [Anonymous].

 Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy.  [Rumi].

 O, Allah! I seek refuge with You from worry and grief, from incapacity and laziness, from cowardice and miserliness, from being heavily in debt, and from being overpowered by (other) men.  [Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Sahih Bukhari].

When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray. – [Rumi].

 You must go through a period of emptiness to be able to fill yourself with Allah’s Love. Certainly, He is Al-Muqit, The Nourisher of hearts.  [Anonymous].

 For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.  [Quran 94:5].

 And those who have believed and done righteous deeds – We will surely assign to them Paradise [elevated] chambers beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the [righteous] workers.  [Quran 29:58].

 Allah can change the most hopeless situation into the best moment in your life.  [Anonymous].

 In Him, hope is never dead. In Him, love is never lost.  [Yasmin Mogahed].

 between Allah and anyone 

There is no relationship between Allah and anyone except through obedience to Him.  [Umar Ibn Al Khattab].

 We were the most humiliated people on earth & Allah gave us honor through Islam.  [Umar Ibn Al Khattab].

 If you want to focus more on Allah in your prayers, focus more on Him outside your prayers.  [Yasmin Mogahed]

 The most beloved actions to Allah are those performed consistently, even if they are few.  [Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Sahih Bukhari].

 Once prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.  Anonymous

 Indeed, I am near.  | [Quran 2:186]

 The more you read The Quran the more you’ll fall in love with The Author.  [Anonymous].

 Allah comes in between a person and his heart.  [Quran 8:24] 

 When was the last time you read the Quran? If you want to change, start with the book of Allah.  [Anonymous].

Turn to Allah and you will find His Mercy heal every aching part of your heart and soul. Allah will guide you, He will bring clarity to your eyes, make soft your heart, and make firm your soul.

And He gave you all that you asked for, and if you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them?  – [ Quran, 14:34]

 Have you not seen those who have changed the Blessings of Allah into disbelief?  – Quran, 14:28]

 Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both (djinn & men) deny?  -[Quran, 55:13]

 They said,  Are you amazed at the decree of Allah ? May the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, people of the house. Indeed, He is Praiseworthy and Honorable,  [– Quran, 11:73]

Every test is a blessing from Allah and every blessing is a test from Allah. 

 May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always. 

 If you are a Muslim then you have received the greatest blessing from Allah. If you have Islam then you have everything 

 Fajr is the key to unlocking the start of a beautiful day, full of Allah’s blessings…’

 I pray that Allah grants us sabr in times of struggle, forgives us when we sin, &allows us to be grateful when he bestows his blessings. 

 Life is hard, and the world is full of troubles, but the sun still shines, and Allah’s blessings are everywhere in our lives. Count the blessings of Allah and be grateful. 

 Do not cheat yourself by disobeying Allah. Obey Allah and Count the blessings of Allah and be grateful. 

 Allah’s blessings are more than treasures. 

 Remind yourselves of the blessings of Allah, because the one who remembers is more likely to show gratitude  – Umar bin ‘Abdil’Azeez

 The greatest way of staying positive is counting all our blessings & being constantly grateful to Allah for every little thing. 

 Jealousy comes from counting others' blessings instead of our own. Be happy with whatever Allah has blessed you with! 

 Have we ever thought about the Blessings & Bounties that Allah has given Us!! 

 Be thankful to Allah and constantly pray to Him, don’t be forgetful of His innumerable blessings. 

 May Allah fill our hearts with the love of the beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) & inspire our tongues to send many blessings on the prophet & guide us to his Sunnah. 

 May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) and upon his family and upon Muslim ummah. 

 If you expect the blessings of Allah, then be kind to His….people.  – Abu Bakr as Siddique (RA)

 Think of all of the blessings we’ve got and thank him for his blessings. 

 Count your smiles instead of your sadness. Count your blessings from Allah instead of your hardship. Love Allah over others. 

 Don’t think of the things you did not get after praying. Think of the unlimited blessings Allah gave you without asking. 

Allah quotes with photo

It’s not luck or fate. It’s Allah’s perfect plan.

Allah quotes with picture

Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts. – Quran verses 13:11

Allah Quran quotes

Allah Says: “Take one step towards me I will take ten steps towards you. walk towards me, I will run towards you. ” [Hadith Qudsi]

Allah saying

My Life may not be going the way I Planned it, But it is going exactly the way Allah planned it.


Allah Has a plan for you. You are exactly where he wants you right now.


If Allah subhana was ta’ala can turn day into night then surely Allah can turn the darkness of our life into happiness and prosperity.

Allah swt quotes

What is Allah's name? There is no other deity besides Allah, the ever-living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. He is not overcome by weariness or sleep. Whatever is in the heavens and what is on the earth belongs to Him. Who can intercede for Him unless He gives you permission?

He knows what is [now] before them and what will be after them, and they do not include anything more in His knowledge but what He wills. His kursi encompasses the heavens and the earth, and He is unaffected by their maintenance. and He is the Highest, the Greatest – Surah Baqarah | 255 | Holy Quran

They plan, and Allah plans  & Allah is the best of planners.

25 Beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes

Allah made you a Muslim because he wants to see you in Jannah. Allah you’ve to do is prove that you’re worthy of it.

Being Muslim quote

Until we realize that it is only Allah who is the source of Peace, we will never be able to attain true peace of mind.

blessings of Allah quote hd

Allah still loves and shows mercy to those who disobey Him. so imagine how much He loves those who obey Him.

The only true listener is Allah.

blessings of Allah quotes with image

We Clean our house when we invite someone. we must clean our hearts if we want to invite Allah.

clean your heart for Allah

The proof is in your actions when nobody can see you except Allah.

nobody can see you except Allah

Allah will always make a way for you even when there seems to be no way out.

Constantly holding something in your earth against a person is a disease trust Allah and let it go.

And do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Indeed nor lose hope in the mercy of Allah except the most ungrateful people. Quran 12:87

Do your best & Allah will do the rest.

Do your best and Allah will do the rest

To be able to thank Allah is a blessing within itself – imam Shafi

Thank you Allah quotes

When you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, just close your eyes and take a deep breath and say. “Ya Allah, I know this is your plan, Just help me through it.

Get Close to Allah First before getting close to anyone else; Allah without a man is still Allah, But a man without Allah is nothing.

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