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poems love romantic
poems love romantic

  "A man in love"

She dislikes attention
But her beauty causes distraction.

She runs from shame
But her intelligence gives her fame.

She talks with everyone
But leaves with no one.

He admires her from a distance
But can't give her any assistance.

He loves her wildness
But he lives in a wilderness.

He likes her friendliness
But he is stuck in his loneliness.

She doesn't notice him
When she sings her hymn.

He stares with sadness
As his case is hopeless.

He is a man in love
But has no beloved.

©SS(Sam Sung)

                                                              A Poem by:Sam Sung

poems love romantic "Love"

If you want to
lose your comfort
Love someone

If you want to
lose your happiness
get marry someone

           A Poem by:Sharzin Zarook

What makes a poem unique?

written: By Michael Hickey
One of the hallmarks of poetry is that it is a unique language that combines and uses words to convey meaning and communicate ideas, feelings, sounds, gestures, signs, and symbols.

It is a language of wisdom because it speaks of the experiences and observations of human life and the universe around us. It is also a vehicle of thought, feeling, and spirit encased in words that are often very subtle, vague, mysterious, and have many levels of meaning. In fact, poetry can explode with meaning. The more you read and reread a poem, the more obvious it becomes. Poetry can reveal a lot to the reader, but it can also hide a lot.

The reality of poetry is often shrouded in mystery. Because poetry is often shrouded in mystery, its language sometimes feels very spiritual, and the human experience of it is like speaking in depth. The words themselves often mean something very different from what they say. For example, we constantly use word pictures to convey a thought, such as "It's raining heavily" or "I'm so hungry I could eat a cow." The people who read the words know that you are using figures of speech, and the words are meant to convey more than their literal value.

Along the same lines, because poetry is a language that uses words, words can often have several different layers of meaning below the surface. Poets are blacksmiths of the word, they always try to give the greatest possible meaning to each word they use in a poem. The vowel and consonant sounds in each word and how they combine with each other are also important.

The poet tries to achieve through the words of the verse what the painter hears with color in a work of art. Using poetic language, poets usually try to use words that sound soft and smooth and flow together comfortably when combined in verse. When the words sound in harmony, it creates a part musical and acoustic effect that pleases the reader's inner ear and is called euphony.

Always try to pay attention to the possible use by the poet of unusual comparisons, metaphors, symbols, images, or twists in the words used. Finding the deepest levels of meaning in the poetic language used in a poem is never a precise science. It is still a highly speculative art at best, and one in which you never know for sure if your interpretation is exactly correct. So take some time to learn all the literary techniques any poet could use, but in the end, trust your intuition and take heart.

The following is a poem that I wrote in which the intended meaning can be found at several different levels under the words used literally in the poem.

information source:


It is the luck of my dream to seek light
Which is hidden in the womb of the night
Very nice meeting someone, who is known
The morning star at the door of the dawn
The sun rips its placenta and goes high
The dark shouting and leaving with a sigh
My goddess of love with open wings seemed
And her smile like a fountain of love streamed
Her prestige attracted me feelingly
I wished her to smile in my arms willingly
I invited her as a pure lover
To pray in the love temple forever
The beauty knelt down for her like a slave
The kings clapped for her cortege in a wave
The Angeles sang hymns to her sanctity
All the prophets blessed by her chastity
Appeared, her bright sparkle winked in my eye
And my wink, winked at her wink, with defy
Again her light winked in my heart and run
I said, have mercy on me, oh my sun
It is shining and so burning your beam
Suddenly I woke up calm from my dream
I started looking for her everywhere
I wrote her a letter flew in the air
Sent from my person to an unknown name
Her address is ethics, virtue,
 and fame
This is the text of my longing letter
I wish she read it to know me better :
In the name of sacred love my heart waits
At the door of your heart, look for love baits
Come to the center of my heart, be brave
I just built your nest from a silky rave
Come love me and make me a real king
Cover me and caress me with your wing
Let me make you a timeless royal crown
Engrave you around my head up and down
Come to the throne, be my queen and my wife
Feed me pure love for the rest of my life
Please be a divine wine and let me drink
Please be a smiling eye and let me wink.

* Dr. Alan Asman, poet, I write poetry in five languages ​​and publish my poems on 20 literary sites around the world.
* I wrote this poem in a classic style and used poetic metrics, each verse has 10 syllables.

Rejected lover pleads
She said it over and I said,
 look at me
listen to me
my mission is to hustle for success to get me, 
so please,
 stay with me, 
cause you and me 
we make a perfect "WE"
 with a strong combination of two hearts 
that we always fight 
not to be apart 
but I'm confused 
 why the back is turned against me
 I thought my actions were a good love
 conviction so what gave you this distraction? 
I'm sick because
your lips are hiding your teeth 
you insist to show your beautiful
should you leave my every tomorrow will bring
I'm running short of words to
to convince you to
but I'm glad we have a
history so please go back there and press


 "Some wishes"


Only if I was

that morning sun,

I could kiss your eyes
every time I saw
your waking face,
Envious of the night
in those eyelids.
Only if I was
that meadow green,
I could kiss your feet
every time I felt
those feather steps,
Running unbound like
free south winds.
Only if I was
that mad raindrop,
I could kiss your heart
every time I fell
like an old true love,
Making a home within
those closed twins.

An IMPRESSIVE  PEOM by सितान्शु शेखर

"Dying breath"

I fell in love 
With night, 
I never quite 
Saw were I
Died, but i 
Foraging the
The stars on
My last sigh,
I think I found the
Moon instead 
It seemed it wanted
To redeem me
Alas it was too
Late, my breath
Found some warmth
In death's wide
Wide arms, until 
I dead quite like that
Silently in solitude


Wiseman word

"Yes we are"

We're the Bibles the world is reading,
The creed the world is needing
And the sermons the world is heading.
Never have I ever seen anyone who accepts Christ's
Redemption and later regret.
Tears shed for self
Are tears of weakness.
Buy tears shed for others
Are a sign of strength.
So let's all give ourselves
To the Lord at length.

Today, have hope.
After all, today is the tomorrow
You're worried about yesterday.
It's the holy spirit's job
To convict, then have hope.
It's God's job to judge
And it's our job to love
Cause we're the Bibles
The world is reading
Towards leading.

  Blinded We Fall 

The trees are dying in Yellowstone
The wheat is not in the fields
The clocks are ticking to the sound of thunder
And the future now stands still
We collectively hold our poisoned breath
Stand-alone and place no bets
The window draws each face in tight
As the sun and moon pass right by
The streets lead nowhere
The days are lost
Emptiness replaces dreams now gone
While faceless strangers avoid our gaze
And mask themselves in different ways
Red hates Blue and Blue hates Red
We’ve been taught so well it just won’t end
We share a path and need each other
But we would rather cry, scream and suffer
Will we stop before it’s too late
Or believe the news the Other’s to blame
The time is now and before it’s gone
Let’s Stand Together
Not fall alone

by: Lisa Eve Crane


It takes six months to get a petrichor
If the last rain was October
Then April the petrichor will come
It smells so awesome

The petrichor is a hope
Like a comfortable hug
I don't want to miss it smell
I don't want to say farewell

You are my petrichor
Can I hold your arms?
I want to be your part
Then take me to your heart

*a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

romantic poems love"The True Companion"

Sometimes.. time isn't right
You have no control over what is happening
And all the hope is shattering
When you are all on your own
And no one to lean on
Collect your strength, slow down your thoughts
Pessimism is attractive but doesn't get caught

It is just a tiring phase
Just wash your face
And look in the mirror
A little clearer
The one you see in front
Has been there since the beginning
In your every climb and every spinning
As you are not alone anymore
Just smile, be ready to roar

"100 Lives" 

If I get to live a hundred lives,
I'd always choose to be with you.

I'd seek for your love and your heart,

I'd yearn for your laughs and smiles,

I'd long for the wits that you hide
—it's you I'd die to find.

If I get to live a hundred lives,
I'll choose to spend each one
holding your hand and your gaze,
watching your eyes and your face,
counting every breath you take
and loving you until the end.
But I guess a hundred lives won't be enough
to love you the way I'd want
for my love for you will only grow
deeper and fonder as we old,
stronger and greater as time goes.
A hundred lives won't be enough;
a hundred lives I couldn't have.
It's only one life that I got
and I'll devote it loving you,
greatly, deeply, madly.
I'll love you with a love
I'd give for a hundred lives
—a hundred lives
in one lifetime.

by: Emmanuel Lanciola Maghuyop 

poems love romantic short sweet 

The most common advice which I have heard all my life Go with the flow Whether its friendship, family, work, or Love Go with the flow, you'll make your way to the final show Be it heartbreak or just a bad day, Go with the flow bae Be it a new unsettling job or a hectic routine, Just sail your ship following the stream The flow took me in the direction I was unwilling to sail in, My mind and my instincts warned me I might sink in It was only the feeling of sinking in that made I realize that's not how I'm supposed to go I was the only one to lead the flow I was the speed and decider of the stream I was the god-damned face And only I was to decide if I want to rush or just take it on a slow pace Please don't be an intruder in my ocean, just let me be, For you never know if my flow is just a wave or a giant tsunami...
by: Ashna Thakkar

  "Poisoned love"
I can't find a word to describe you Because all I want is you You make me laugh when I feel bad You make me smile when I'm sad It was nice meeting you I never thought that I would like you It was great being with you Until you meet someone new I thought I was the only one who can make you laugh Someone that I don't know I thought I was the only one who can make you smile But you find someone who was better than me But there are so many reasons to love you I tried to tell you about how I feel But instead, I helped you confess how you feel I didn't realize that I would end up crying here Despite the love you have for someone I tried to give up on you But it's okay That you can't give to anyone You finally confess how you feel And I see that it went well I was full of regrets And on that day Regrets that I didn't tell And don't end up regretting that I didn't tell Of how I feel I think I will find someone who will love me the way that I've loved you And the next time that I will love someone Maybe I should confess how I feel

A Wonder-Full English Poem by: Maeca Jaenn

 "She is a writer"

She is a writer
I'm just a reader
She's an excellent speaker
I'm just a good listener
She is an achiever
And I'm just a dreamer
Just like you,
I hope that life is fair...


A PEOT CONTACT :Jay Maima Lipiahan



everyone got their
mind and heart so it's
hard for you to get the
type of love you need

i wish GOD made
us to read each other's
minds cos this fake
love is here right in front of our eyes

they do not believe
what has been said they
believe in actions, it's
hard to prove something that you know it's true

THIS POEM IS FROM: Mbongeni Captive Doze

 "I died for"

I wonder what I died for
A cause that wasn't mine
A victim of another's wrath
My killer only 9

I wonder what I died for
For I was just a kid
I never stood a chance
Or understood, the things I did

I wondered what I died for
What devil did I spite
And why did he come to call on me
The dark and blackest night

I wonder what I died for
Did my mama ever know
I laid here, in this scattered earth
Beneath these rack of stones

I wonder what I died for
And was, I alive at all
So briefly, were my footprints here
They vanished in a storm

I wonder what I died for
I wonder and I cry
I wonder what I died for
My killer only nine
A Poem by: Marston MC

"Resplendence of Joy"

After the orchestras of angelic shimmers performs 
a spellbinding spring of flawless sparkle,
it sends the harbinger of beauty to flock joy
 into the pictures of Nature photograph.

Whose heart cherishes the mellifluous tunes of soothing shines,
Surrender it ease to the wealth of plausible serenity.

The ocean writes verses full of platonic tenderness,
inking goodness,
milk with stupendous bliss,
as the grace of the rays romances the letters written in her words.
flickering blissful memories to the emotions of the wonderful sea creatures.

A crescendo of a thousand trees bonds together,
the forest surrender its heart to all the silent leaves,
it cherishes even the little buds,
which finds love in the arms of her Mother.

In such a time mirth dears to cry,
for such a moment of magic,
would forever live in the mirror of unforgettable days.

The birds surrender their voice to achieve a masterpiece of brilliance,
stars of lambent gold rest in the rhythms of their flow,
for they cherish this moment,
create memories while dancing in the extraordinary rain of delight.

We must surrender our fear,
if we want to feel the cherish zephyr of liberty.
We must learn to forgive,
if we desire to let love lead,
We must surrender our past
to live in the cherished presence of the future.

The blessings of this awakening
the sparkle that will accompany the shine in the forthcoming days
will resonate a cherished rainbow of splendor
and surrender the soul to the resplendence of joy...

A POEM BY : Wisdom Wise Wonder 

 "Love is a joy - Love is pain"

Love is joy, Love is pain
Love requires a lot of patience
The joy may come first before the pain
And sometimes the pain comes before the joy
But whichever ways nothing good comes easy
You can't skip the process because you can't skip life
You will have to pass through each and every process in other to find the perfect one.
Believe me, at first it wasn't easy for me
I was drowning and floating in my own tears
I would cry in the rain if it was to rain for a whole day
I would laugh at myself like a mad man in chains
Everything became senseless because i was living heartless
My heart was taken from me times without numbers
I took some overdose of drugs trying to knock myself out and still death wasn't nearest
There was no one I could relate my feelings to but the same broken soul, broken by love
My worse nightmares were trying to sweep to death the broken pieces left in me
Hoping life after death could make me live in peace
It was never like that with my back against the wall
There's was nothing I could do to change the war
I fought tirelessly for love not minding if I was lost
And when I finally realized that true love is priceless
And it's not like a biscuit or some food items you can get from a grocery store
And never does it fall from above
So I stood on my feet with my broken piece searching and hoping one day true love comes my way.

The story of a broken man 
This story should motivate you never to give up on love no matter what you're going through. One day or maybe someday true love will find you and finally stay for good.
The storm comes before the rain,
And the rain comes with the sun to dry up your tears.

A Poem by : Tha Black Origin

"When we were together"

when we were together,
I didn't afraid to walk forward cause
you were there
but after you left me alone
I couldn't take steps, I stucked
I don't know where

each moment I spent with your love
I can't compare
tell me how could you live without me
wasn't it hard to bear?

you were all to me over everything but
you didn't care
why I was the only one who hurt
wasn't it unfair?

you say you didn't love me but
I saw it in your stare
you left me alone but you didn't know
you were my euphoria

I don't think I can be same, together so cheerful
like we were there
once trust is broken it never be the same again
don't you aware?

you come back and ask to accept you again
how you dare?
this heartbroken the day we apart and again,
you can't repair

A Poem by: MessyThoughts

Top Love Poem "Girl you love"

The most beautiful, by face and art
If god is an artist then she is her art.
The way she smiles and waves at me
From the terrace or at the balcony.
This girl has got my heart, hope I get hers
If I lose her than my life will be blurred

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Call me a forensic expert
Who can dust through her heart
To locate where my fingerprint dwells
How possible is it for the science
To find where I dropped

My last DNA in her ?
Where is the Physician
Who can diagnose her ailment?
Perhaps, she may be love sick for me
May be the fever can be cured
Just with my mere presence again

Where is the farmer
To check the fertility of her heart?
Whether those manures i dropped
Are still blossoming

I may need a Pharmacist
To prescribe the right dosage
To help healing the romantic insomnia
So she can sleep again

Where's that Historian?
Who can tell the story one more time
Of how much I cherished her
Before everything turned sour

I need to see the little ring bearer boy
Now a full-fledged adult
To collect the ring he brought
While we walked ourselves down the aisle

A PEOM BY: Prince Steve Oyebode

© Princestelek

 "I crave for attention"

I crave for attention,
 If I miss it I get tension,
 I would do anything for it,
 Even the table I would hit,
 I would stand then sit,
I won't rest even a bit,
So can I get yours, 
It takes my mind on tours,
It makes my heart to race,
 And gives me a smile on my face




I want to touch you
with my heart,
Wanting to give you a scattering
become a starlight,
You will be flooded
by my heart's starlight,
Let the silt in your heart,
Flowers bloom there,
Give me your heart's scents
Wanting to be fulfilled
in that fragrance.

English Love  "Love and reason"

I smile without any reason,
Beautiful for me is every season,
I want to sing a song,

I don't know where I belong,

I want to live in my dreams,
I am in love, oh yes,
That is true,
This feeling is so awesome,
Feeling so new,
I am in love!

I had never felt this way before,
The way you look and adore,
I had never had this feeling in mind,
You and me and thread that bind,
I think I am in love with you,
Yes, I am sure I do,
Aww! It feels so good you know,
I don't have many gestures to show,
But, I love you!

Your voice has a magical effect on me,
Everywhere it is you I can see,
When you hold my hand,
I don't want you to let go,
Love is a feeling so pure,
My love for you is new,
My love for you is first,
I love you from my heart,
It's forever, and never for the part!

✍🏾 Jahseed

A PEOM BY: Steven Alila


 I wonder what I died for
A cause that wasn't mine
A victim of another's wrath
My killer only 9

I wonder what I died for
For I was just a kid
I never stood a chance
Or understood, the things I did

POEM "Alone"

You have disappeared
I wonder what's happening?
I haven't do anything
And now, I'm suffering

The ashes in the air
Says that you went there
Somewhere, you let my heart
Alone like a desert

Without flowers, I'm poor
Without water, I'm .sure
That I'm missing you
I want to say I love u

A LOVE POEM BY:Louve Rachou

I wondered what I died for
What devil did I spite
And why did he come to call on me
The dark and blackest night

I wonder what I died for
Did my mama ever know
I laid here, in this scattered earth
Beneath these rack of stones

I wonder what I died for
And was, I alive at all
So briefly, were my footprints here
They vanished in a storm

I wonder what I died for
I wonder and I cry
I wonder what I died for
My killer only nine
© Marston

A PEOM BY: Marston Mc

 POEM "Heavy heart"

I loved you a lot in the past 
that's why my life is such a mess
Maybe all I ever wanted was to feel important 
and maybe that could have repaired me
But as always I went in blind
 and came out even worse than before

I hate how much I love you because
 this love I carry gives me a heavy heart

By :Liswar

Poem  "Touch"

Your hair is flying in the air
and would be random,
My heart says to fly your hair,
Mind says I love you,
My eyes only for see you.
How beautiful your neck is!
How beloved your beasts!
How many eyes see you?
How many hearts cry for you?
Yes, I feel you.
Heart says me about your love,
That's okay, let them see your beautiful breasts,
And for that, my heart enjoy it,
Having no negative in my mind,
I love your arrogate appearance
When seeing their lust,
That time, you put on jeans and a t-shirt,
This is my love, honey

This expresses my heart's touch to you

A Poem by Alfaj Ahmed

sad love poetry "It’s my promise Dad"

Your Princess that was me

Trust that was you for me
And I know
I was the apple of your eyes
And you were the elixir of my life
But the princess walked away
At the same cursed moment
You left me
Now the trust was for none
Coz you broke my trust
That trust you never leave me
You were my hero
Guide philosopher and mentor
Without you life is colorless
And count for nothing
I know you are with me
Your love is immortal
This cool breeze
that touched me just now
Feels me your presence
In that twinkling bright star
Which smiles at me affectionately
I can feel your presence
In that whispering chatters
Of the night rain
I can hear your voice
In those wandering clouds
I can see your soul
And I feel you within me
Coz you're unwritten
The incomplete message is me
I will complete it in your way
That’s my promise dad
That’s the only promise

A PEOM  BY  :Sobhasree Reji

Sad love poem "Fall in love

As the rain drops bubbles of singing glee,
into the ocean river of tears,
falling in love with the drizzles,
silent noise calmed down the nerves of gravity,
the winds plays the cellos,
falling in love with the moment.

Open up your heart and fall in love,
with the breathe, bliss, blessings,
that surrounds the beauty of life.

Take your hands out of the broken bottles,
it hurts, and only build up the walls of pain,
Arise! and surely you will see the radiance of merriment,
performing a ballet with the tides of sweet memories,
if you fall in love with letting go.

Take the World stage with your stars,
fall in love with the sun of determination ,
give your dreams a feet to walk on Water.

Why keep wearing the facemask of regret?
staying isolated in fear,
why keep playing those bitter lines?
crowning depression every night,
when you are the miracle of amazing grace.

Take your life out from the abyss of tormented Hell,
and give it to the joy, mirth, forgiveness,
which runs in your inner Heaven...

fall in love...

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