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Everyone knows that mother is a very beautiful gift from Allah and the protector of her children, Mother is very sweet and humble by nature and she has the biggest heart on the face of the earth, no matter how her child is but she will love her every time every second and will take care of her children.


The best poem about mother's love.

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Mother is the precious gift God has created.
Love your mother and father.
Your parents are so Important to you,

Because they support you in every situation.
They support You when there is no one.

This poem is written by: MAryCynthia Aguimnam.

Mother Will Cry

Tomorrow I’ll be gone
Like the last piece of meat
In a plate of watery soup
Mother will cry

Father will brood

Tomorrow I’ll be free
Like a green little bird
Exploring new worlds alone
The wind shall blow
The sun will set

Tomorrow I’ll be no more
Blood will out
The priest will come
The earth will sigh
Tomorrow I will be brand new

this poem is delivered by :
MaryCynthia Aguinam

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