English love poetry|| watching the sky above

"Love poetry"

love poetry
love poetry

"Love poetry"

Watching the sky above,
Expressing my thought that turns to love.
I guess the world was kidding,
Because I want you to out of my mind
But here I am, still believing.

Watching you happy with someone
Makes me lonely.
But thank you baby,
Because you let me go,
You let me go from those pain and sorrow.
I'm glad that we're here,
Facing both into a new world,
A world of JOY and FREEDOM.

Darling, I couldn't be this happy right now,
Because I've learned so much from the past,
You let me seek the right person
Which I really deserve,
Whom love me endlessly
And makes my heart again happy.

I guess thank you so much for the broken heart,
Because I learned a lot
And grow enough.

As we walk on a different path,
Still praying for you
Like we we're in the past.
Thank you because I LOSE YOU
And so sorry, because YOU LOSE ME.

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